Lot# Description Est $
1561 xx/x/o Large seln of KGV (mostly used) on cards, incl seln to

1/4, range of 4d incl 4d Lemon, Perf OS issues to 5d,

surcharges, o/print OS sets (at least 2 complete sets 120

noted) also noted is Small Multi 1½d Brown blk of 4

(MUH) + 2d Red Interpanneau Ash Imprint blk of 4

(MUH/M) (hinged only between stamps) (89)
Single Crown Watermark
1562 o ½d green with JCB monogram, NB monogram margin 80

slightly separated, monogram reattached

1563 xx/x 2d orange blk 4, CV $160 - see photo 60
1564 xx 5d Brown, centred high, very fresh MUH 35
Small Multi Watermark
1565 xx 1½d Red Mullett imprint strip of 4 MUH England to Aust

Clunies Ross reproduction vignettes (2), 1954 Antarctic 50

Souvenir m/s & interesting One Shilling Orange "Reward

Coupon" (5 items)
Small Multi Wmk Perf 13½x12½
1566 xx/x 4d Olive ash imp inter-panneau block of 4, faint hinge 140

mark on one stamp & selvedge, remainder MUH, CV $300

C of A Watermark

1567 xx 4d Olive superb stamp, very well centred - see photo 100
1568 xx 1/4d Turquoise, nice example 140

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