Lot# Description Est $
60 1948 Comm of Aust Meat Ration card (incl Ration tickets),

No A332516 - NSW - also incls Blank application for 40

Ration Tickets + Tas 3D Tram Ticket, interesting Aust

61 Box of assorted beer, wine & spirit glasses incld 2 beer

mugs, 1983 & 1985 Griffith Wine Festival glasses, 35

tumbler, sherry & wine glasses (16)
62 Box of assorted metal based household items, incl brass

Tea Pot stand, Lidded container, pr of Ducks and Vase 100

(with frog), also small copper jug, EPNS Milk Jug, tall pot

plus other items (10)
63 Box of cameras (2x Olympus Digital, 1x Yashica Film), 60

and Swann USB Reader, no guarantees (4 items)
64 Box with assorted EPNS or Pewter items comprising

Tankard and other drinking vessels, misc serving

decanters, salt shaker, 2 serving dishes with spoons, sm 70

trophy cup and a undetermined oddment, mixed cond,

most could do with a good clean which would double or

triple the value (15 items)
65 Japanese Copper Vase with 2 Inlaid Koi Fish, weighs 50

approx 800 grams
66 Large box of wine labels, new in packets (never

applied), inclds Kaiser Stuhl, Woodleys, Chateau 60

Rosevale, Quelltaler, Karrawirra, David Lynn, Krondorf,

Kay Bros plus many more, multiples of each label (1000s)
67 Large box with accum of beer coasters & wine labels,

good variety & mostly good condition, great lot for 35

decorating a pool room or man cave (100s)
68 Opera/Theatre Binoculars (compact) FSK brand marked

on outer, coated lens Made in Japan, interesting item, 25

probably 1960s era
69 Postpak mailing box with large accum of Beer Coasters,

Plastic Casino Room Keys + VIP Cards, some bus tickets 40

and other items (100s)
70 Set of Queens Golden Jubilee Maps from 2002, 4 40

different Castles and Grounds in original box of issue (4)
71 Shoebox with range of various collectable 4

horse/fireside brasses - George V, QEII, Hadrian's Wall +

GB Coat of Arms + brass signpost "England", bag of 120

jewellery, 2 silver necklaces, Scent with Cameo, ring,

bracelet, other items plus some military and badges (qty)
72 Shoebox with wide range of various collectables inclds

'Songster' books no's 4, 28 & 61, telephone cards, Royal 40

Wedding photo collection, postcards and much more,

useful lot (qty)
73 Soda bottle wrapped with wire mesh 50
74 Very attractive collectable items 22 diff bottles, diff 80

shape and colour, approx from 1940s-70s (22)

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