Lot# Description Est $
1247 c 1904-1906 postcards & covers, each with excellent

pmks of town numerals & cds (Goulburn #35, Tarago 20

#1195), post markings especially clear (2)
1248 x/o 1928-2001 Aust coll incomplete on Australia pages in 40

binder, mostly general issues but good start to a coll

1249 a 1966-87 Aust S/seas Hingeless pages in quality S/Seas 50

'Australia' alb, incl some optional pages
1250 o Album of India on hagners incld States, QV, KE, KGV & 20

VI plus few Pakistan & Malaya (qty)
1251 o Apple Juice box with World stamps on ppr (100s) 25
1252 l Box cont 4 recent Aust Post 'Legends' books incl Dames

Edna + Sutherland, Fashion + Horse Racing, orig retail

$16.95 ea, 1988 SG Stamp Cat Vol 2 (K-Z Countries), 50

Norfolk book (1947-91) + 5 Aust early catalogues (Roos,

KGV, KGVI etc, good stamp info + informative reading

(12 items)
1253 a Box with Australian VST Comprehensive Stamp

Catalogue Vol 2, lot also incls qty of used FDC pages 30

plus S/Seas Australasian Stamp Catalogue Oceania

1254 a Box with over 100 FDC + Vario pages, coin pages, 30

banknote pages, sleeves etc, mixed cond but still useful

1255 o Box with useful lot of World on paper (100s) 25
1256 ps Carton of Commercial envelopes, mostly addressed to 10

Lane Cove Sydney, good pmk interest (100s)
1257 o Carton of GB Machin Heads closely cut on paper (100s) 10
1258 o Carton of Money Order Stubbs, all with circular pmks 50

1259 a Carton with 71 PW Heavy duty pages for Packs, ideal for 50

storage of PNCs, all in good cond (71)
1260 l Carton with accum of old catalogues incls Stanley

Gibbons World and British C'Wealth, plus various 30

Australian useful Reference (lot)
1261 o Germany, good lot incls some States and Occupation 40

issues (100s)
1262 o Large alb with Aust (mostly decimal) + World Thematics 40

(best seln Animals/Birds) (550+)
1263 o Large blue album of Switzerland, few pickings, album in 25

poor cond (100s)
1264 ps Large carton of circular date stamp material on 20

envelopes, good pmk interest (100s)
1265 o Large envelope of stamps on album pages, useful lot 40

with some pickings (100s)
1266 o Large envelope of stamps on album sheets, some 40

pickings (100s)

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