Lot# Description Est $
1308 c/ps 1980s bulk seln of Aust FDCs/PSEs, all with Parliament 80

House Canberra cancels (approx 700)
1309 xx 1988-1996 philatellic generated special thematic issues in 60

large box (over 14kg) (qty)
1310 o/c 1990s to 2010 Aust/world in 3 albs plus 2 large L'house

albs empty, stamps on & off ppr plus large qty of Aust 60

FDCs, mostly later issues with many high values & some

PNG issues, nice clean lot, good value at est (100s)
1311 x/xx/o 2 FDC albums with FDCs, PSEs, aerogrammes &

m/sheets, 1970 to 1982 period, 1997 Aust Post Year 100

album incld stamps, world stamps in album, many

duplicates plus approx 60+ POPs Australia (qty)
1312 xx/x/o Accum 7 albs of world stamps, box of world on ppr,

empty Rennicks maroon coin alb, tin of Aust on ppr, 60

worth inspection, also world m/s in Chinese stkbk

1313 x/c Accum incl 4 albums of world covers, album of world 40

postcards, 3 albs of world m/sheets (7 albs, 100s)
1314 o Aust & world in bags on & off ppr, over 3kg inclds

hagner sheet that appears to be all Aust specimen 60

issues plus small box of world m/sheets (1000s)
1315 x/o/c Aust on ppr, world off ppr, + Aust postcards, 1.7kg 40

Aust on ppr, pickings (1000s)
1316 xx/x/o Box cont 14 Cigar boxes with a seln of World issues, incl

Germany (pre + post war), Aust (pre-dec + dec), some

KGV noted, Aust States, GB (early issues), USA, NZ, 80

Switz, Canada & Newfoundland, New Guinea + PNG,

plus a box of misc, could be anything in this lot (100s)
1317 xx/o/c Box cont 1966-73 Aust colln (MUH), pgs to 1985 in

quality VST alb on L'house h'less pgs, AAT at back inc

1966 defins, PNG colln 1952-90 (1960s-90 mostly 120

complete MUH, earlies used), seln of Europe in pgs &

albs inc Belgium, Neth, Hungary, Italy, Vatican, San

Marino & Portugal, 1940s Sth Africa covers & commercial

mail (120+) & more (100s)
1318 ps Box cont 1978 to May 1993 colln of Aust PSEs (M & FDI),

very comprehensive colln in sleeves in 6 binders, the 80

mint PSEs alone (which can be reused with appropriate

postage if desired), have a FV of $60+ (400+)
1319 xx/o/c Box cont 1980s PNG POPs (20 diff incl Animal packs),

1970 PNG FDCs (28), 1966-86 Aust (U) coll on std

S/Seas pages, fairly complete, vals to 410 (700+), 3 80

stkbks World accum, best range Europe + Asia (100s),

bag Aust (U) off paper + more (100s)

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