Lot# Description Est $
1128 Danish Agricultural Show Medal in silver, 40mm, 1939,

figure of Industry Seated Holding Wreath, in original case, 100

superb EF
1129 Franklin mint 'Nations of the World' medallic covers, set of

medallic covers issued by the United Nations to pay

tribute to all of it's members as of the 30th year, issue

price when first released in in 1980 was $1800, 800

medallions are all sterling silver and weigh 11gms each,

totalling over 30ozs of sterling silver, attractively housed

in large woden presentaion box, CVRS (87)
1130 Germany Nuremburg advertising medal 30mm, bronze

Obermeister 25yrs medal 1926 with Belgium Vooruit 55

token 5 centimes 1921, 39mm, USA 1931 McCormick's

reaper medal, Frankston's shoe mart medal with Ford

model T, F-UNC (5)
1131 Grundy, JR Ballarat, Victoria R160 1861, gVF 160

1132 Half penny tokens (2), J Pettigrew, Ipswich Qld & I

Friedman, Tas with Sydney, Marcus Clarke farthing-size 100

& Ballarat restrike penny, VF to UNC (4)
1133 Italy folder with sterling silver medallion & envelope with

lire 40, 50, 90 stamps date stamped 18-4-75 being 500th 70

Anniversary of the Birth of Michelangelo (2)
1134 Poland Warsaw Uprising medal, 1944 Radoslaw Brigade

Free Polish Army, White Metal medal 70mm with 100

1939/1986 Bronze 69mm medal commemorating Nazi

invasion, VF & EF (2)
1135 Range of telephone tokens from 1937 to modern, (eg 65

Telefon, AEG, PTT), some duplication, variety of sizes

1136 South Australia Scotch College Mitcham 77mm bronze

hurdling medal with SA Football league medal in silver?

77mm, Henry Parkes Centenary medal 77mm bronze, 200

1983 America's Cup medal in silver 77mm, gilt 77mm,

Victoria Freemason gilt medals to Life Governor (3), EF (8)

1137 Spain c.1770 silver Commemorative medal, bust of Philip

of Spain, rev: Victory in amphitheatre holds wreaths; 70

29mm, holed for wearing, rare, EF - see photo
1138 Special distinction in National Rifle Association silver

medal 48mm, c1930, Macedonian archer with bow & 60

quiver of arrows, Kings trophy, scarce, fine

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