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Gold Jewellery & Precious Gems

22 14ct gold religious icon pendant, 21.2gm - see photo 1000

23 14ct gold, yellow stone N size ring, 5.2gm - see photo 360

24 14ct white gold, pretty stone L size ring, 4.6gm - see 250


25 1891 22ct sovereign with 9ct gold brooch, sovereign 680

7.9881gm, 9ct pin brooch 2.2gm - see photo

26 18ct white gold diamond, blue sapphire M size ring, 1250

2.1gm - see photo

27 18ct white gold diamond & pearl O size ring, 4.2gm - see 400


28 18ct gold lily brooch, 5.6gm - see photo 350

29 18ct gold ring J size with diamonds & yellow stone, 350

4.7gm - see photo

30 18ct white gold diamond ring, M/N size, 3.2gm - see 350


31 18ct gold, purple stone M size ring, 4.8gm - see photo 280

32 18ct gold & 3 diamond Q size ring, 3.4gm - see photo 200
33 9ct gold bangle in green case, 31gm 600

34 9ct gold chain with yellow stone pendant, 8.7gm - see 300


35 9ct gold red stone N size ring, 2.1gm - see photo 200
36 9ct gold ornate tie bar, marked 9ct, LD, another rolled

gold with broken silver bracelet in tin of silver plus plated 100

collector spoons, etc (qty)

37 9ct rose yellow gold bracelet, 23.5gm - see photo 700

38 9ct white gold & diamond K/L size ring, 2.5gm - see photo 280
39 9ct white gold & diamond L size ring, 3.4gm - see photo 180

40 Antique diamond shaped red Coral ring in 9ct gold & 100

sterling silver, claw setting, size M - see photo

41 Antique Edwardian 9ct gold and red Coral chandelier

style earrings (screw on style) pair in small oval hard 60

leather jewellery box - see photo

42 Antique Jade drop earrings Platinum & 18ct white gold

with diamond chips, screw on style attachment which is 150

9ct gold timeless and elegant - see photo

43 Antique Red Coral Corsage brooch, a recumbent cupid is

attended by 3 other cupids, in a scene drawn from 18th

Century Rococo style paintings, the brooch fittings are in 80

gold and tests at approx 12 carat gold, the fittings also

allow it to be worn as either a pendant or brooch, a

beautiful piece - see photo
44 Chunky 925 s/s chain, 56cm long, approx 48gms 80

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