Lot# Description Est $
189 1820 pattern silver soup spoon, fiddle pattern, needs a 200

little restoration, 300gms (4)
190 1973 sterling silver plate 'Winter Fox' by James Wyeth, ltd

edition, etched by the Franklin Mint, in beautiful book 100

style presentation box, 190gms
191 3 early English soup spoons, indistinct hallmarks, 100gms 70

192 Adelaide trio of silver teaspoons by JM, hallmark Young

Victoria, emu in rectangle, fiddle pattern plus silver emu 80

mount, 140gms (4)
193 Antique hallmarked silver group suitable for antique

market, sugar bowls, brush, cake knives & forks, fruit 300

ladle etc, approx weighable silver over 500gms of .800

and .925 (qty)

194 Antique silver Hip Flask with hall marks, 2 piece style 200

with cup and screw hatch lid, superb - see photo

195 Antique sterling silver lady's hand mirror Birmingham 200

hallmarks, solid heavy mirror, bevel edged - see photo
196 Attractively engraved silver spoons, forks, napkin ring, 250

sugar spoon etc, 440gms (qty)
197 Box of assorted spoons, tongs, butter knives etc, mostly 40

EPNS, also inclds small tray (23)
198 Carton of plated silverware, some with weighted silver 60

handles (qty)

199 Georg Jensen Salvers, pair Sterling Silver with Art Deco 100

design of embossed fruit hallmarked, superb cond - see

200 George III and IV silver spoons & forks plus cake knife, 200

380gms (14)
201 Georgian rat tail style teaspoons, various makers, 140gm 100

202 Georgian soup spoons, 4 almost matching rat tail style, all 150

with George III hallmarks, 250gms (4)
203 Hallmarked silver gentleman's travel items, carte d'visite

holder, hip flask, cigar holder in silver fob case (cheroot) 200

& silver pair of travel eggcups (attn needed), an

interesting group (5)
204 Large estate lot of silver & plated items, ideal for antique

market, inclds English cream & sugar bowls by Lloyd,

Payne & Amiel, engraved cake knife & fork in velvet line 300

case, hallmarked Victorian candlestick with acanthus leaf

decoration, hand mirror, cutlery, etc, fair cond (qty)
205 Large German silver ladle, hallmarked 800 Posen, 150

206 Large lot of foreign silver cutlery, mostly 720, 800 & 900 1200

silver, approx 1800gms (qty)
207 Matching fork & spoon pair, another pair fiddle pattern,

trio of rat tail style spoons, trio of violin pattern forks, all 250

Young Head Victoria hallmarks, 440gms (10)

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