Lot# Description Est $
1892 xx/x/o 3 small albs cont Aust/world issues (mostly MUH), one

cont 1954-56 SAAR Relief Fund, 1958-60s Spain

(Painters), pre-dec Channel Is & more (app 300), another

with pre-dec Aust/Pac Is & Br Comm issues inc Aust 80

1949 10/- Coat of Arms (2), 2/- & 2/3 commems, AAT 2/3

blk of 4 etc (app 300) & smaller alb with world mix, noted

1938 Br Guiana KGVI £3 (CV £38), Aust KGV 1/4 single

w/m (M), GB QV issues & more (120+) (700+)
1893 x/o Accum/colln incld Netherlands on sheets in alb &

Netherlands Colonies (Curacao) on hagner style sheets 80

plus colln of Luxembourg mainly used & a few mint

1894 x/o Alb & alb pgs assembled from several collns featuring

Asia & the Americas, stamps range from early to modern,

alb cont pgs from Asia inc Malaya, Singapore, Straits, 80

nice Thailand, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia &

Ceylon (approx 500), the bag of alb pgs cont Nth & Sth

America & Sth Africa (500+) (1000+)
1895 o Alb cont world issues, best range Eastern Europe with

quality FU in particular from Hungary, Czech, also inc 60

Romania, Poland, other W Europe & others eg India & Sth

America (600+)
1896 o Album cont mostly USA/Asia, best range USA incld good

seln of early issues & some embossed cinderellas &

postage due, also inclds a good seln of China, Japan, 60

Thailand, Malay/Singapore & other Asia, some Europe &

other countries in mix (900+)
1897 o Album featuring world circular cancels, great postmark 100

interest (1200+ items)
1898 x/o Album pgs cont several countries incld Belgium, 65

Denmark, Switzerland, Greece, Persia & Belgian Congo

1899 o A-Z accum on pages in 2 matching binders, inclds Aust

States, KGV to 1/4, best range Europe incld early issues, 100

India & other B'Comm from QV & more (1300+)
1900 x/o A-Z world issues in springback alb, wide range of

countries, mostly used, many better noted inc Aust Roos 80

to 2/- & 1949 Coat of Arms set to £2 (U), PNG 1952 10/-

Map (FU) & £1 Fisherman (2 FU) & more (2200+)
1901 xx/x/o/c Coll in red album incls Australian, PNG, South Africa and 120

others, some useful stamps and cvrs
1902 xx/x/o Colln in 4 large world stkbks, 2 Paramount albs fairly

sparse & 2 large blue albs contain South America & 40

Hungary, est at value of albums, stamps are free (100s)
1903 x/o Collns of world issues on pages, mostly earlies to 1950s,

graph pages inc Canada 1890s to 1960s, France 1950s,

Germany to 1919, Italy 1950s, Liechtenstein & Switz 80

(1930s-50s), also inc a folder with old alb pgs, again

mostly to 1950s with best range Europe & some Brit

Comm (700+)

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