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1883 xx/o 1970s-80s range of issues in large alb, main highlight is

the range of Channel Is (MUH), also inc Spain (MUH) & 60

Turkey (MUH) with a seln of Italy (M) at front (350+

stamps, 11 m/s)
1884 xx 1974 UPU colln of A-Z world issues on hagners in

hagner system alb, lovely cond, prepared by an avid 120

collector, better issues in mix inc 1974 China UPU set of

3, CV £20 (479 stamps, 39 m/s)
1885 xx 1983 The Commonwealth Collection in impressive padded

binder & slipcase, features forward by HM The Queen, 30

inclds a stamp or set of stamps from every then current

C'wlth country from A-Z plus associated states &

territories (227)
1886 o 2 Albums, one with GB colln (QV-1980s) (500+) the

other contains an Australian colln (1913-90s) (500+) best

seln in the GB album, featuring a range of QV, KEVII 2/6, 60

1913 Seahorses to 10/- KGVI to £1 and 1948 Silver

Wedding, Australian colln also features pickings (1000+)
1887 o 2 albums of used framas 1990s to 2000, Aust and world 50

1888 xx/x/o 2 large albums, one cont USA (M/U), Aust (U), thematics

(Dinosaurs) & other world, main feature is USA

Cinderellas inc 1916 & 1934 Wine Tax, Stock Trs, Playing

Card tax & postage due, also inc a range of early issues 100

(unfortunately the mint USA issues are stuck down)

(approx 700), 2nd alb cont early NZ issues, main feature

is the heavy dupln of KGVI official issues (1100+) (1800+)
1889 o 2 Lge albums with accum of mainly used European

issues, the red alb cont mostly E.Europe with good range

of Czech, Poland, also incls GB, France, Austria and 80

others (100+), the other album cont mostly W.Europe +

Australia with good range of Germany, Netherlands,

Switzerland + others (900+) (1900+)
1890 xx/x/o 2 quality Oxford albs cont 3 collns, one alb cont GB

1912-70s colln (MUH/U), good seln KEVII, KGVI & QEII

defins (U) inc 1939-48 KGVI set to £1 (U), earlies mostly

used but many sets from 1950s-70s cont both MUH & 100

used examples (800+), other alb cont mostly used &

occas M colls/accum of Aust (1930s-70s) & NZ (1900s-

70s), noted 1960 Pictorials 10/- Glacier, £1 Geyser (U),

1967 $1 Glacier & $2 Geyser (M) (550+) (1350+)
1891 x/o 3 albums with diverse countries, inclds Yemen, Bahrain,

modern CTOs then Republic of Guinea CTOs & Poland 50

with some earlies, M/U (100s)

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