Lot# Description Est $
1676 o Accum of 100s of issues from WA Swans, Victoria, Qld,

NSW, SA, Tas on/off ppr + sheet of Income Tax stamps 60

and env of Cinderellas "Live Better Electrically" (100s)
1677 o Coll in red binder of NSW + Victoria pmks, nice range for 140

the specialist pmk collector (100s)
1678 o Range of early State issues on card, mainly rarer types

incld WA 1d Black Swan 4d x 2 and 1/- plus NSW & Vic 50

imperfs etc, very high CV but all stamps with faults (10)
New South Wales
1679 o 1860-1908 seln of 6d Perf Diadems Violet with shades 50

towards brown (with dupl)-very mixed cond (14)
1680 o NSW Sydney View, close cut margins, but nice 60

collectable stamp

1681 o NSW Sydney View, nice 4 marginal example - see photo 100
1682 xx/x/o/c Specialist coll on S/Seas album pages, 1850 Definitive

series (Sydney Views) to 1892, incls 1897 Charity 400

issues MUH and MU cvrs, coll should be viewed (qty)
1683 xx/x/o/c Specialist coll on S/Seas album pages from 1850 Half-

length's to 1912, valuable high CV coll in vary mixed

cond, incls Postal Fiscals, Stamp Duties, Postage Dues, 400

noted Mint blks Hospital Fund and Patriotic Fund sets,

viewing will reward (qty)
1684 xx/x/o Coll on S/Seas album pages from imperforate and 200

perforated issues, high CV coll, incls high val defins to £1

South Australia
1685 o 1855-58 imperfs, 2d Red (shades) CV $90 & 6d Blue CV 50

$150, total CV $240 (2)
1686 xx/x/o Coll on S/Seas album pages from 1855 Sideface to 1912, 200

nice complete set of the 1902-04 definitives to £1 (qty)
Western Australia

1687 (x) 1/- + 2/6 Coolgardie cycle ex pres blks of 4, scarce - see 400


1688 o 1854-60 1d Black imperf joined pair, the left hand issue

has pin holes & the right hand issue is in good used cond 300

(off centre) however very scarce as joined pair, lovely

stamp but gum crease, CV $300 ea (2) - see photo

1689 o 1854-60 WA 1d black swan, top margin into design but 150

rare stamp - see photo

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