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1563 xx/x/o/c World issues on hagners in Aust Post alb featuring Xmas 50

theme (170+, 37 FDCs, m/s, cards)
British Commonwealth
1564 xx/x 1948 Royal Silver Wedding issues (14 sets) inc Antigua,

Ascension, Basutoland, Brit Sol Is, Falkland Dep, Fiji, 200

Gibraltar, Gilbert & Ellice Is, GB, Leeward Is, Montserrat,

Nth Borneo, St Kitts & Turks & Caicos, total CV £340+

1565 xx Coll of Royal events, 'The Royal Baby' William Prince of

Wales stamps & m/sheets issued 1982-83, coll in 4

matching albs & slipcases, not complete, 4th alb has no 120

stamps, high CV m/sheets, various countries

represented (67 m/s, 100+ stamps)

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