Lot# Description Est $
1551 xx 1967-68 colln in folder from an avid collector, best seln

1968 Human Rights inc a wide range of countries with 60

m/s of Martin Luther King & JFK, also inc 1967 Internat

Tourism Year & UN Day, well worth a look (370, 10 m/s)
1552 xx 1976 seln of world US Bicent issues, wide range of

countries, still held in original pkts of purchase inc fresh 80

MUH stamps & sets, m/s & cards, very high orig cost

(160+ stamps, 45 m/s, 6 cards, 1 cover)
1553 xx 1978 Coronation Anniv array of sets (29 incl several

imperf sets) & 35 m/sheets & sheetlets, inclds several 50

non-British C'wlth African issues, Fine MUH (approx 150)
1554 xx/o/p 1980s GB seln of Scout Cinderellas, letters + printed

materials + envs from a variety of Scouting groups, incl

Weare, Blackwater Sea Scouts, Wirral, Waltham, 60

Wembley, Stanmore + more, many full sheets of Scout

stamps are included (168 M+U stamps, 10 letters + other

printed material + 14 envs)
1555 xx/o 2 Albs cont a nice seln of World Thematic issues, mostly

used, one alb features mainly Lighthouses (400+) (incls 80

early NZ Lighthouse issues), the other features mainly

Butterflies + Seashells (480+) (approx 900)
1556 xx/x/o Album with collection of Olympics from many countries 60

plus some m/sheets & stamps on Hagners (100s)
1557 xx Christmas thematics, mostly 1970s sets (55+) & m/sheets

(30+) from diverse British C'wlth & foreign countries, 70

fine cond (220+)
1558 xx/x/o Foreign sets & oddments in green album, numerous

better thematics and other items, many countries incld 45

Monaco, Mongolia, Netherlands, Spain & Yugoslavia,

noted trains, flowers, animals, Olympics, boats, fish,

birds etc (100s)
1559 xx Late 1970s Captain Cook Bicent range of sets (some

imperf sets noted) & m/sheets from various British 70

C'Wlth, French Pacific & other foreign countries, a little

dupln, Fine MUH (130+)
1560 xx Seln of recent Scouting thematics from various countries

inc Dominica, USA, Hungary, Indonesia, Bangladesh, 50

China, Cyprus, Belgium, Samoa, Guyana & more (min

dupln) (37 stamps, 11 m/s)
1561 x/o Seln of world 'Art' thematics in springback binder, nicely

presented on pgs with the artists identified, inclds 60

Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionist & Post

Impressionist artists (200+)
1562 xx/x/o Space thematics featuring stamps & m/s from Europe,

Mid East & Togo, this lot represent 3 previous Morgan

Auction lots, the Mid East pkt appears to have lost some 60

contents, (contents generally shown on the front of the

folders), est $100+ (600+ items)

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