Lot# Description Est $

875 Attractive natural nugget, high purity, tested at 98%,

approx 9.5gms, nice shape with no inclusions, great 1200

talking point - see photo

876 Beautiful natural nugget, high purity, tested at 98%,

approx total weight 28.7gms, a superior specimen & one

of the finest and most attractive nuggets we have seen 3500

in many years - see photo
877 Fossicker's bag, incls Perspex block, 1.15g gold nugget,

15.58g of Quartz with bits of gold attached, sm bottle of 180

water with specks of gold in it, plus 4 other small pieces

of rock with tiny specs of gold, interesting lot (8 items)

878 Huge natural nugget with some inclusions, approx 2500

35.3gms - see photo

879 Impressive large nugget, gold silver & platinum, approx 1500

21.4gms - see photo
880 Natural gold nugget 3g sealed in plastic case with cert of 180

authenticity as issued by the Perth Mint
881 Natural gold nugget 4.7g 280
882 Natural gold nuggets, 4 similar sized nuggets, total 600

weight approx 8.46gms

883 Natural nugget with attached clasp for pendant, lovely, 400

unique piece, approx 10.1gms - see photo

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