Lot# Description Est $
541 Sassanian Kingdom, Khushru II (c 590AD) silver drachm, 50

his crowned bust right, fire altar & attendants, good

style, gVF
Greek Coinage - BC

542 Athens Attica 'Owl' Tetra drachm circa 450-430 BC 1800

OHHH well struck and choice EF - see photo

543 Bruttiun Kroton AR Stater 510-480 BC Delphic Tripod 600

Stork left, Rev Incuse gVF - see photo

544 Greek Akarnania Anaktorion Corinthian type Stater 345-

300 BC Pegasus left Rx Athena left (S.2249) EEH gVF/VF 400

- see photo

545 Greek Aspendos Pamphylia silver Stater circa 400-370

BC 2 naked wrestlers Rev Slinger EYH weakly struck in 750

parts, nicely toned with lustre aEF - see photo

546 Macedonian Kingdom Alexander III 'The Great' AR Drachm

336-323 BC Head of Herakleus Rx Zeus, seated, Sardis 300

mint, bold portrait (Price 2253a) LLH EF - see photo

547 Macedonian Kingdom The Tradrachm Posthumous Issue

of Alexander III Odessos mint circa 90-80 BC LOH Flan 360

flaw on reverse, interesting style, aEF - see photo
548 Parthia Ordesii Drachm 77 BC Rev Archer 60
Roman Imperial Coinage - AD

549 138-161 Antoninus Pius Denarius, reverse Salus 100

sacrificing, aVF - see photo
550 222-235 AD Severus Alexander Denarius Rev Mars stg 100

left with olive branch spear RIC S.2221 EF
551 222AD, Severus Alexander Sestertius, Providentia 100

Standing left VF
552 Group of 3 late Roman bronzes including Maximus II 309- 60

313AD, Licinius 308-325AD & Tetricus II 253AD, Fair-Fine

553 Husband & wife pair of silver denarii, Antoninus Pius and 120

Empress Faustina senior, rev Liberalitas and Juno, VF

554 Seln of 3 coins, incls silver Trajan 98-118AD COS IIII (4th

term of office as Consul of Rome), silver Marcus Aurelius 50

161-180AD COS III (3rd term as Consul or Chief

Magistrate of Rome) & Victorinus 268-270AD bronze coin

VG-Fine (3)
555 Silver Antoninianus Gordian III AD238-244 Fortune seated 120

left (S.2435/C97/RIC143), scarce in this grade gEF
556 Silver Trajan Decivs Antoninianus AD249-251 (S2697, 100

RIC 16C), gEF

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