Lot# Description Est $
1813 c 1929 1st Flight London to India, stamps used, both bear

J28 plate mark on corner selvedge, pmk London 28/3/29 80

& back stamped Bombay 9/4/29
1814 c 1931 1st Flight - Aust to PNG 'Faith in Australia' with Aust

1/- Aborig & 5d New Guinea, 6d Airmail New Guinea Bird 100

of Paradise (undated) featuring a nice range of back

1815 c 1971 GB RAF ltd ed cover (7 interesting back stamps), 75

marked price $150
1816 c 1975/76 seln of World "Concorde" covers with dupln,

incls 1975 Russia m/s cover (4), 1975 Royal Observer

Corps (5), 1976 USA set of 2 (no 93+94) (London-USA) 80

(USA-London) (4), 1976 Bahrain (Bahrain-London) (3),

1976 GB (London-Bahrain) (2), 1976 Guernsey (London-

Bahrain) (8), 1974 Ltd Ed USA (Heathrow-Puerto Rico)

(3), high retail, suit reseller (29)
1817 c 1976 seln of World "Concorde" covers with dupln, incls

Brasil (Rio-Paris) (7), Bahrain (Bahrain-London) (2),

Jersey (London-Bahrain) (3), GB (London-Bahrain) (3), 80

GB Delivery Flight (RAF Fairford-Heathrow)(9), high

retail, suit reseller (24)
1818 c Shoebox cont 1950s-80s (mostly 1950s) bulk seln of

Flight covers (except Qantas) inc 30th, 40th, 50th & 55th

Anniv Flights, Inaugural Flights etc, noted 40th Anniv

flight with G Carey Cinderella (5 of these signed), 150

features Pan-Am, Air NZ, Tasman Airways, Canadian

Pacific, also inc Royal Flying Dr covers inc Mercy Flight

signed cover, other signed covers in mix (100)
1819 c Shoebox cont 1970s world Space/Rocket covers

(appear diff), mostly USA but other countries in mix inc 120

signed covers from Spain & Norway, inclds Apollo,

Skylab, Intel Sat, Samos, Viking, Training & Recovery

covers & more (150+)
1820 c Shoebox with 1950s bulk seln of Qantas Flight covers,

mostly Aust with a few international in mix, odd 1960s 80

also in mix (46)

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