Lot# Description Est $
1784 c 1935-60 seln of NZ covers in quality FDC alb, inclds 1935

Pictorials (2), 1936 Commerce, Anzac Day, Airmail, 1937

Coronation, 1940 Centennial, 1950 Canterbury, 1953 140

Coronation, 1954 Parl House, 1955 Anniv of Post Stamps,

1956 Southland, 1960 Westland (71)
1785 c 1948-1990 binder cont coll of mainly Papua/PNG &

Mauritius cvrs, noted early Mauritius with some 60

Registered Label cvrs, noticed Tin Can mail, all with nice

CDS (100+)
1786 c 1960s-70s seln of World Space/Rocket covers prepared

in sets in pkts for resale (retail marked price $200+) inc 100

Russia, USA & Germany (56)
1787 c 1960s-80s colln of GB FDCs in box (140) 80
1788 c 1964-70s seln of Aust/world Space/Rocket covers,

inclds Apollo (various), ESRO, Viking, orbiting of 2 male 60

Bullfrogs & more, some dupln, some signed (73)
1789 c 1964-70s seln of Aust/world Space/Rocket covers,

inclds Apollo (various), Skylab, ESRO, Explorer & more, 60

some dupln, some signed (73)
1790 c 1964-92 seln of Aust/world Space/Rocket covers some

dupln, inc Apollo, Viking, Skylab, Syncom, Eldo Europa, 80

Soyuz & more (84)
1791 c 1969-late 90s lge qty of PNG cvrs in binder, nearly all

addressed, noted 1941 1/6 Papua on cvr, all have nice 80

CDS (100+)
1792 c 1980 Olympics cover colln in special presentation album

with slip cover, contains the official cover colln of the 60

Moscow Olympics, also incls many pages describing the

Evolution of the Olympic Games (1896 to 1976) (77

1793 c 1989-91 colln of world covers in sleeves in binder with

Salvation Army theme, inclds silks, commem covers (inc 80

Centenary & War commems eg Bombing of London,

Dunkirk, etc), signed covers are featured in many

instances (79 items)
1794 c Coll of PNG cvrs in quality black binder, incls sm seln of

Aust stamped in Rabaul, noted Papua 2d, 3d, 5d 8d & 1/- 60

on cvr 1939 Air set, all with CDS (100+)
1795 c Folder with a seln of 1950s-70s Aust/world Qantas flight

covers (Inaugural and Anniv) (26) - also inc 1979 WA 200

Postcode Stamp set (15), PNG FDCs (19) + PNG

presentation packs (incl 1982 Annual pack) (7) (qty)
1796 c Interesting range of mainly World large size cvrs with

some useful British C'Wlth, noted GB, NZ and African and 60

Hong Kong cvrs (62)
1797 c Large padded envelope with nice range of commercial

world covers, inclds GB, NZ, US, Singapore, Europe & 80

other countries (300+)

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