Lot# Description Est $
1491 c 1970s & 80s Aust FDCs plus some 1999-2000 issues,

inclds Expo 88 colln of 63 Pavilion pmk cvrs in AP Expo

88 binder, AAT issues from the 4 Antarctic Bases, 100

unique Nat Stamp Week strip of 5 se-tenant & m/s on 2

cvrs, unique Ausipex 84 set of registered cvrs, Sydney

2000 Olympics 16 MUH m/sheets in AP alb, 1987-88

Stamp Collector cards & more (100s)
1492 c 1992-2002 Aust FDC colln in 4 Aust Post FDC albs with

hagner pgs, noted '94 Frama, '94 Triangular, PNC Aust 160

Remembers, Festive Frama, Bradman plus Bass &

Flinders PNCs, Early Navigators m/s, Tiwi Frama, Albert

Namatijira, etc (315 cvrs)
1493 xx/x Accum of items from NZ, Jersey, Pacific Islands & Aust,

noted sheet file with 2 panes of 1971 Xmas plus other 200

blks and part sheets of Aust dec (100s)
1494 xx/x/o Accum/colln of USA material, inclds colln of mainly used

issues from 1935 to 1956, binder of Year collns, misc 200

sheetlets & used issues all in large carton (100s)
1495 Australian decimal collection in S/Seas album 1966-1980

(MMUH), 3 albums unused & 3 albs with Aust FDC from 150

2000-2003 era plus other items, deceased estate as

brought into shop (100s)
1496 xx/o/c Box cont 1920s-70s colln of Sth Africa in Oxford

interscrew alb (M/U, mostly used), colln in reverse order

(200+), also inc additional Oxford pgs (100+), 1967-76 60

FDC colln of East Africa (KUT) in presentation alb (35),

Zambia covers (4), 1960s-70s GB FDCs (22), folder

world (U) (400+) & more (100s)
1497 xx/o/c Box cont 1939-78 Samoa colln on hagner sheets

(appears mostly MUH) (249, 13 m/s), 1940s-60

Somaliland (MUH/M) seln in folder, vals to 10/-, also inc

some early German o/prints (70), 4 small albs cont 80

Aust/world issues, bags cont Aust/world off ppr & tea

box with Aust (U), vals to $10 (many 100s), Aust FDCs

(100+), 1981-86 Aust PSE colln (51 diff) & more (100s)
1498 xx/o/c Box cont 1966-73 Aust colln (MUH), pgs to 1985 in

quality VST alb on Leuch h'less pgs, AAT at back inc

1966 defins, PNG colln 1952-90 (1960s-90 mostly 120

complete MUH, earlies used), seln of Europe in pgs &

albs inc Belgium, Neth, Hungary, Italy, Vatican, San

Marino & Portugal, 1940s Sth Africa covers & commercial

mail (120+) & more (100s)
1499 xx/x/o Box cont 4 albs inc France & Belgium (U) (300+), world

(U) mostly R-S countries, Europe/Asia, Aust pre-dec on

std S/Seas pgs (U) (160+), hagners with GB pre-dec (M)

& Aust decimal (U), container world (M/U) inc GB (U), 80

Tonga & Maldives (M), early Germany (U) & more (qty),

Aust PSEs (100+), also inc Across Town Perth & Sydney

labels in packs (total CV $35) & more (100s)

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