Lot# Description Est $
1091 Colin R Bruce, 8th edition of World Paper Money 17,500 40

notes, 8,200 original photos, very informative, over 1200

1092 Large green VST banknote album extended to hold approx

50 pgs which are in very good condition, provision to hold 60

over 100 notes seeing both sides of the note, value at est
1093 Two old editions of Krause Paper Money catalogues, 2nd

edition standard catalogue & vol 3 1998 edition, both books 40

still contain useful information (2)
1094 VST Australian Banknote album Paper Issues complete 70

with 3 section banknote pgs & illustrated backing sheets

1095 World Paper Money catalogue for issues from 1368 to

1960, 9th edition, 1178 pgs, over 18,500 notes listed with 40

5,200 original photos, good cond
1096 World Paper Money catalogue 'Specialized' issues, 8th

edition inclds historical facts & illustrations gleaned from the 40

American Banknote Company, over 1200 pgs


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