Lot# Description Est $
1914 xx/x/o/c 1930s to recent accum of PNG, Norfolk & Cocos Is in 2

large stkbks, best range PNG & Norfolk, noted in PNG a

seln of Lakotois, 1930s Bird of Paradise, 1/7 Cattle (U), 10/- 80

Rabaul (U) & more (1000+), noted in Norfolk Is a nice seln

of MUH inc Blds to $1, Butterflies to $2, Native Flowers &

Aircraft to $5 & more (1300+, 12 m/s, 5 FDCs)
1915 xx 1970s/80s seln of 70 diff World m/s, best range Samoa but

also incls Pitcairn, Aitutaki, Niue, Nauru, Sol Is, Cook Is,

Dominica, Fiji, St Vincent, St Helens, Brit Virgin Is, PNG, 70

Antigua, Turks and Caicos, Grenada, Barbuda, Mauritania,

Zambia, Jersey, Israel, Spain + Sri Lanka (70 diff)
1916 xx 1970s/80s seln of 70 diff World m/s, countries incl

Dominica, Jamaica, Cyprus, Falkland Is, Br Virgin Is, 70

Zimbabwe, Grenada, St Kitts, St Helena, St Christopher,

Mauritania, Samoa, Nauru, Fiji + Pitcairn (70)
1917 xx/o 1970s-90s bulk seln of world m/sheets prepared in batches

ready for resale, mostly MUH & one batch CTO, best range

USSR but also inc Fiji, Nauru, Mauritania & Swaziland, 150

suggested selling prices shown on batches total $449, good

lot for reseller (100s)
1918 xx 1974 100th Anniversary 1874 UPU collection of MUH

stamps, all the 'UPU Countries' from A to Z, both British 100

C'wlth and world, lovely presentation in lge blue alb with

slipcase (100s)
1919 xx 1974 Universal Postage Union colln in presentation alb & 60

slipcase, inclds stamps & m/sheets (qty)
1920 xx/c 1984 'The Lloyds Colln' (ltd ed no. 527), to commemorate

the 250th Anniv of Lloyds List, 17 countries issued stamps 60

& FDCs, these have been assembled in a specially marked

presentation folder (17 covers, 68 stamps)
1921 x/o 2 Chinese & one L'house stkbk containing British Comm

inclds Ceylon, Singapore, Leeward Is, Mauritius & 150

Seychelles from earlies, also France & Colonies, good

range, M & U (100s)
1922 xx/o 2 quality Importa albs, one cont Sth Africa & the other Rhod,

Zimbabwe, Zambia Malawi, Botswana & Swaziland, mostly 80

(U) with dupln, occas M (1950s-90s range) inc good seln of

thematics (Animals, Birds, etc), good value in albs alone

1923 xx 2004 Greek Olympic Games medallist book & sheetlets,

inclds the extremely rare 'Sampanis' bronze medal

weightlifting sheetlet, this sheetlet & his stamps were

withdrawn from sale after 4 days when his medal was 100

stripped for 'drug cheating', the alb was released prior to the

withdrawal & the 'Sampanis' sheetlet is included, very rare

(alb & 18 sheetlets, one of which is very scarce)


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