Lot# Description Est $

2023 c "April 1896" cover bearing Centenary of NSW 1d purple

& 2d blue emu sent to New Haven Connecticut USA,

NSW postmark partially reads "..Junction AP 11 1896" 75

back stamps on arrival "New York May 14 96" & "May 14

1896 New Haven Conn rec'd 5.30pm", nice tidy cover,

great display piece - see photo
2024 c 1894-95 postcards incl 1d violet Centenary of NSW 30

Bathurst - Sydney & the other Corowa NSW to

Melbourne (2)

2025 c 1895 NSW Governor embossed envelope sent to George

St Sydney business with purple 'Governor New South 75

Wales' frank stamp, interesting item - see photo
2026 c 1927 Opening of Parliament House with Adelaide cancel,

this lot is ideal for reseller, 12 of the same, given the age 150

there are toning spots on these historical covers,

suggested retail of $25 ea (total CV $300) (12)
2027 c 1929 env to California USA bearing KGV 1½d red & black

cachet on front 'US charge to collect 5 cents', US 5 cent 100

San Francisco pre stamp applied to front of envelope &

red cachet from Postal Dept, Commonwealth of Aust

applied to the rear
2028 c 1942-43 censor mail, small collection all sent to an

address in Manly, NSW, inclds Passed by Censor, Army 80

concession rate & HM Transport cachets, some

interesting embossed envelopes (U) inclds 'Soldiers

Church of England' & 'ACF' (8)

2029 c 1946 BCOF set of 7 on env with Army PO 214 cancel, 180

CV for used issues alone is $230+, on cover much

higher - see photo
2030 c 1950s-70s seln of Aust FDCs, mix of addressed &

unaddressed, generally the addressed are typed & a

large % to stamp dealer 'Stalley' inc official and many of

the more unusual WCS & Royal covers, better noted inc 80

1970 Royal Visit (WCS) price marked at $35, 1970

Grasslands (WCS) marked at $25, 1971 Aborig Art,

Xmas 1971 & 1972, Nat Dev, Aust/Asia & many more inc

1957 RFDS (Mercy Committee) (71)
2031 c 1958-80 Aust commemorative & FDCs (100+) 30
2032 c 1970 coll 'Cook' FDCs featuring 4 x diff sized envs +

range of official, WCS, Royal, Excelsior covers, 2 of the 150

smaller envs have 'Rocket" cancels, interesting lot for the

specialist collector, odd foxing spots on occasional

cover (46)
2033 ps 1978-94 Aust PSE FDI colln in 2 binders, comprehensive

coverage, all appear different (some aerogram sets & a 70

few special cancel FDCs also included), clean colln

2034 c 1983 Solar World Congress Perth covers with special

space related postmarks plus 2009 International Year of 55

Astronomy covers with special postmarks, interesting lot


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