Lot# Description Est $
238 "Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-18", 12

volume set of books by C.E.W. Bean, printed by Angus & 200

Robertson (12)
239 Military History Reference Books, 'El Alamein to River

Sangro' by Field Marshall Montgomery of Alamein 1952

'The Struggle for Europe' by Chester Wilmot 1953, and 60

'Normandy to the Baltic' by Field Marshall Montgomery of

Alamein, inserts of hand coloured map showing D-Day

advances (3 books)
240 Red Cross WWI era enamelled brooch, brass with

original presentation box, superb condition, possibly 100

bespoke custom made piece
Australian Militaria
241 1939 Military stop watch (not working), with RFC, RAAF,

Rising Sun, Australian Signals Corps, WA Cameron 150

Highlanders (2), Cap Badges, other Badges and Cloth

Emblems, etc (36), good condition (43)
242 1st edition of 'Australians Awarded' and 'The Medal 30

Yearbook 2012' (2)
243 3rd ALH single colour patch, 1930-1942 75
244 9th ALH Militia single colour patch 1921-36, Glyde ref 100

455, WWII Aust Special Forces (Commando)
245 ADF empty medal boxes for ADM, ANS & DFSM (3) 20
246 Aust Light Horse WW1 pair of original opposing colour

patches, 2nd Light Horse (as removed from uniform), 62 400

x 40mm each, ref Glyde 0014, gVF
247 Aust military prints, set of 6 different full-size prints plus

75 different postcards, copies of original water colours 150

by Major Phillip Rutherford
248 Aust WWII BCOF Japan, rare set of Japanese made silk

unit insignia, private order BCOF shoulder patches, mini 300

triangle Machine Gun Battalion, 1944 pattern full size pair,

scarce, Aust War Graves Unit (4)
249 Aust WWII type colour patch AIF pairs, 4 sets incl red on

dark blue set, 1st Armoured Div HQRAA, WA, varient of

same pair, Glyde ref 593, page 86, set Mobile Search 60

Light Batteries 1943-45, Glyde ref No. 614, page 89, set

Pay Corps (militia) 1937-43, Glyde ref 1438, page 58,

yellow on black
250 Australia post Federation Sergeant of Artillery sleeve 60

badge in gilt bullion, c1901-1911
251 Double diamond black on AIF grey, 2/5th Command Aust

Indep Company 1942-1943, Glyde ref 1056 page 136, ref 150

AHQ (DOS) memo No. 19793 24.2.1942, superseded by

No. 503, original as issued
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