Lot# Description Est $
1 Anne of Green Gables porcelain collector's doll

purchased in Canada from the original home of 'Anne' 40

which is now a museum, inclds original box, estimate

less than purchase price
2 Caldego Delft blue style, porcelain head and feet with 50

soft padded body, "Bunny Doll" (as new)
3 Caldego 'Dog' doll, Delft-type porcelain head, hands & 50

feet with stuffed body, new
4 Caldego girl doll, Delft-type porcelain head & hands with 40

stuffed body, new
5 Hubley 1906 - Goat Rider and the Frog Pat Dec 22 Trigger 100

not working
6 Hubley, Rare 1883 Squirrell and the Wolf - mechanical 180

Bank Pat.7.23

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