Lot# Description Est $
2103 xx/o 1940s-2000s stamp sellers 'misc' seln in SG alb inc nice

seln of 'China 96' m/s (12), Phila Nippon 91, HK 97 & 2005

Pan Expl Canada, also inc large range of Channel Is m/s 60

(some dupln) eg Guernsey 1979 Anniv of Postal Admin

m/s (16), seln of Diana stamps & sheetlets, Aust pre-dec

seln & more (qty)
2104 o 1960s-70s accum on hagners in binder, mainly Europa 60

issues with dupln (many 100s)
2105 xx 1970s/80s seln of 70 diff World m/s, best range Samoa

but also incls Pitcairn, Aitutaki, Niue, Nauru, Sol Is, Cook

Is, Dominica, Fiji, St Vincent, St Helens, Brit Virgin Is, PNG, 70

Antigua, Turks and Caicos, Grenada, Barbuda,

Mauritania, Zambia, Jersey, Israel, Spain + Sri Lanka (70

2106 xx 1970s/80s seln of 70 diff World m/s, countries incl

Dominica, Jamaica, Cyprus, Falkland Is, Br Virgin Is, 70

Zimbabwe, Grenada, St Kitts, St Helena, St Christopher,

Mauritania, Samoa, Nauru, Fiji + Pitcairn (70)
2107 xx/o 1970s-90s bulk seln of world m/sheets prepared in

batches ready for resale, mostly MUH & one batch CTO,

best range USSR but also inc Fiji, Nauru, Mauritania & 150

Swaziland, suggested selling prices shown on batches

total $449, good lot for reseller (100s)
2108 o 1984 to recent accum of Europa issues with dupln on 60

hagners in binder (100s)
2109 o 3 stkbks cont aged stamps, although mixed cond, the

value in the early issues is worth inspection, one stkbk 60

cont France, Germany, another with Europe & the other

cont Americas (USA & Sth America) (many 100s)
2110 x/o Accum on graph pgs inc Mid East, Asia & other regions,

mostly early to 1960s era inc Afghanistan, Abu Dhabi,

Bahrain, Greece, Egypt, Persia (Iran), Iraq, Turkey, Saudi 120

Arabia, Palestine, Ethiopia, Algeria, Cilicia, Syria, Israel,

Jordan, Liberia, Libya, Lebanon, Japan, Philippines,

Indonesia, Iceland, Andorra, Burma & more (630+)
2111 o Alb cont world issues, best range Eastern Europe with

quality FU in particular from Hungary, Czech, also inc 60

Romania, Poland, other W Europe & others eg India & Sth

America (600+)
2112 xx/x/o Alb pgs & hagners cont world issues inc Israel, UN,

Jordan, Aden, UAR, Spanish Sahara, IFNI, Fernando Poo, 60

Spanish Guinea, HK & misc stamps & m/s on hagners &

sleeves inc Aust, Poland, Spain, Fr Polynesia, Japan &

more (100s)
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