Lot# Description Est $
119 2 large wooden horse head book ends (2) 30

120 Antique copper bed warmer, fullsize, wooden handle - 120

see photo
121 Antique Italian lace bedspread in original case, never

used, new, plus quantity of hand embroiderd pillow 75

cases, tea towels with embroidered backpack (qty)
122 Antique style dining/bedroom mirror, attractive design 20

with "birds"
123 Antique style telephone/radio "Brand" collection & 80

'Confident" phone/radio
124 Art Deco Bakelite cigarette box, c1940s, superb 40
125 Box of cobbler's ware inclds cast iron shoe mold and 40

matching set of leather & nickel-silver children's inner

soles (3)
126 Box of large & small 'tinnies', inclds football, sporting, 40

charity and others (100+)
127 Box with 3 ladies evening handbags, inclds a Glomesh 40

bag still in original box
128 Box with a coll of Corinthian English Premier League

Football Figurines featuring players from the late 1980s 80

such as Shearer, Baggio, ZiDane, etc, interesting (58)
129 Box with thimble collection (16) in hanging frame 30
130 Bronze Blotter and Tray probably made from WWI shell 60

casings, together with assortment of EPNS spoons and

forks (qty)
131 Carton containing old Kodak box camera, Burman

hairdressing clipper & scissors in original box, other bits 25

& pieces inclds vintage shaving set in original box & 2

lamps (1 miniature) and bottle of lamp oil (qty)
132 Carton with 2 old cameras, candlestick holders & other 80

items including antique metal pot scourer (qty)
133 Carton with brassware incld jugs, vases & green bottle 20

with markings on base (qty)
134 Carton with large qty of mainly EPNS silverware, other

bits & pieces plus Benson & Hedges, full of 100s of old 20

fashioned pen nibs (qty)
135 Carved Pacific Islands lamp stand, possibly PNG,

innovative design of four faces with shell inlay eyes, 60

very unique piece
136 Carved wooden racing car with figure of famous racing 160

driver Jack Brabham
137 Carved wooden spear-thrower (Woomera) coloured

with red ochre, broad body with resin pommel & cord- 30

bound peg, no tribal markings, cond a/f, very interesting

138 Carved wooden 'tribal' masks incl a vintage mask with 40

shell eyes & a modern Australian teak mask, condition a/f

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