Lot# Description Est $
1888 xx/x/(x) 1891-92 Seln of Postage Due to 10/-, dupln on some 160

issues (15)
1889 o Bulk seln of Aust States on ppr, useful for pmk interest 50

with bar numerals & circular cancels noted (qty)
1890 o/x Coll of Aust states in 2 lge albums, inclds NSW, SA, Tas, 120

Qld, SA & Vic, some pickings, mainly used (100s)
1891 x/o Collection of all States from 1850 in springback alb, nicely

set out with catalogue numbers indicated, inclds charity

& Boer War issues, postage dues, stamp duty tax

stamps, NSW from 1850 Sydney Views, Vic from half 400

length issues, stamp dutys, Tas inclds Chalon Heads, SA

nice range of side faces and Long Tom, Qld Chalon

Heads etc, WA inclds 1d Black Swan (cut at top) (100s)
1892 x/xx/o Collection of Aust states on S'Seas alb pgs in green

binder, all states represented, NSW inclds Sydney

Views, defin issues, couple of reprints/specimens

Consumptive Homes pair (mint, toned gum), postage dues

full set, Qld Chalon Heads, side faces, 1900 Charity pair 400

(flts), SA Long Toms to £1 & specimens, Tas Couriers

(close cut), 1892 defins to £1 (Revenue), Vic Hospital &

Patreation Funds, postage dues, WA Swans inclds 1d

Black with red cancel, nice coll fairly complete on a

simplifies bases (100s)
New South Wales
1893 o 1850 Sydney Views, clouds in design, 1d dull carmine

has faults (hinge removal has damaged the stamp) 150

o/wise CV $400 & 2d Blue CV $200, still good eye appeal

& value for these scarce issues (2)
1894 o 1854-60 imperf diadems 6d Grey & 6d Brown, CV $120 80


1895 xx/x 1891-92 Postage Due "Specimen" set of 10 to 20/- (10) - 300

see photo
1896 o 1897-1910 NSW bulk 1d + 2d issues, many Bar Numerals 60

+ circ cancels noted (100s)
1897 o 1850-56 imperf half length without frame lines 1d

Red/Orange CV $150 & 3d Blue CV $125 plus 1852-54 80

2d Brown Queen on Throne CV $35, total CV $300+ (3)

1898 c/ps Cover dated 1947 with 21 Victorian stamps cancelled in

Norfolk Island on a Norfolk Island NSW registered cover

with R6 label, sent to Summer Hill Sydney, back stamped 200

with 3 Norfolk Is cancels 6/6/47 and arrival pmk Summer

Hill NSW on 17/6/47, most interesting - see photo
1899 o 1900 2d Patriotic Fund, CV $450 200
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