Lot# Description Est $
1861 c 1940-80s seln incl Qantas Air NZ Teal+ Concorde covers

- countries incl Australia, GB, NZ, Norfolk Isle, 60

Indonesia, Singapore, USA, Fr Polynesia, Cook Isle, India,

PNG, Canada, Russia, Eire, Solomon Islands, Austria &

U.A.R (30 different)
1862 c 1948-80s seln incl Concorde etc (a couple priced at $18

& $20 ea) countries include India, Brasil, Sth Africa, USA,

Netherlands, GB, Wallis & Futuna, Malaya, Guernsey, Fiji, 80

Fr Polynesia, Indonesia, PNG, Mauritius, Mexico &

Greece (32 different)
1863 c 1950s-80s seln of world Flight covers inc Inaugural

Flights, Anniv Flights etc, noted 1953 PNG Qantas 40

Coronation cover, 1958 Aust Qantas, seln of other

Qantas covers, Air NZ, BOAC etc (21)
1864 c 1952-80s seln incl Qantas, BOAC silks + Concorde cvrs

countries incl Australia, GB, Sth Africa, Fiji, Norfolk Is,

NZ, Eire, USA, Singapore, Fr Polynesia, Indonesia, 60

Malaysia, Isle of Man, India, New Heb, Iraq, Sol Is,

Argentina, PNG, Russia, Canada (30 diff)
1865 c 1953-70s seln incl Qantas + BOAC - countries incl GB,

NZ, USA, HK, India, UAR, PNG, Mauritius, Singapore, 60

Germany, Pakistan, Bermuda, Indonesia, Norfolk Island,

Philippines, New Hebrides, British Solomon Is, Peru &

Netherlands (30 diff)
1866 c 1953-70s seln Qantas & BOAC cvrs, countries incl GB,

NZ, Eire, Ceylon, USA, Fr Polynesia, Australia, Austria, 60

Fiji, Singapore, Sol Is, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand,

India, New Cal, + UAR (30 diff)
1867 c 1953-70s seln incl Qantas, BOAC + Concorde covers

countries include Australia, GB, NZ, AAT, USA, Brit 60

Solomon Isle, Bermuda, Sth Africa, Fr Polynesia,

Pakistan, Malaya, Fiji, Italy, Cook Islands, France, New

Cal, & Canada (30 diff)
1868 c 1953-70s seln incl Qantas + BOAC cvrs - countries incl

GB, NZ, USA, Eire, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Austria, 60

Indonesia, Fiji, Bermuda, Philippines, Malaysia, UAR, +

Canada (30 diff)
1869 c 1953-70s seln incl Qantas + BOAC cvrs - countries incl

GB, Eire, Italy, Mauritius, Germany, Rhodesia, UAR, Chile,

Sth Africa, Malaysia, New Heb, New Cal, USA, Ceylon, 60

Bermuda, Greece, Fiji, Fr Polynesia, Australia, Thailand,

Brazil + Sudan (30 diff)
1870 c 1953-70s seln incl Qantas + BOAC cvrs - countries incl

GB, Austria, Eire, Mauritius, Sudan, Rhodesia,

Yugoslavia, Philippines, Indonesia, Tunisia, France, 60

Singapore, Poland, Spain, Greece, Mexico, USA, Cook Is,

India, Austria also noted a few USA silks in the mix (30

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