Lot# Description Est $
1807 c/ps 1940s-80s Seln of World Commercial Mail with occas

FDC, best range Poland but also incls a variety of other

countries incl Canada, HK, Vietnam, Egypt + to a lesser 60

extent Malaysia, Zambia, Sth Africa + Sth Rhodesia, Sri

Lanka, India + many others (occas env still with

correspondence) (105)
1808 c 1960s-80s seln of GB FDCs main strength in 1970s-80s 80

1809 c 1960s-80s seln of world Space covers, best range USA

& CCCP but also inc Germany, Samoa, NZ, Paraguay,

Neth, Austria, dupln on some USA issues, one German 60

cover priced at $24 & one USA cover priced at $35 &

another at $20, features Skylab, Pioneer, Soyuz, Mariner,

Progress & more (32)
1810 c 1960s-80s seln of world Space covers, best range USA

& CCCP but also inc Paraguay, Germany, NZ & Czech,

one USA cover priced at $25 & another German cover at 60

$24, dupln on some USA issues, features Skylab,

Mariner, Pioneer, Soyuz, Progress & more (33)
1811 c 1968-79 seln of 3 Gibraltar covers, incls 1968 Scout

Assn, 1971 Postage Due (Phil Soc) + 1979 £5 Defin, total 60

marked prices on the back $90 (3)
1812 c 1970s/80s quality seln of FDCs from Sth Africa (20) +

Zimbabwe (4), all larger envs with lovely scenes + 40

thematic issues, incls Cricket, Planes, Lighthouses,

Ships, Paintings, Flowers, m/sheets + Phil Exhib cvrs (24)
1813 c 1971 GB RAF ltd ed cover (7 interesting back stamps), 120

marked price $150
1814 ps 1984 Papal Visit to PNG PSE with special signatures from

the Holy See, incls 3 signatures Sir Peter Lawler

(Ambassador to the Holy See), Father Damian Byrne 40

(Master General of the Dominican Order) + Father Peter

Galvin (Asst to the Master General), signed in Rome in

1984 with Vatican Stamp + Seal
1815 c 1988-93 seln of 5 different PNCs (covers inc gold plated

coin stamp), covers inc Horse, WWII, New Year 100

(Rooster), Elvis Presley & Space (5 covers)
1816 xx/c 2004-2006 seln of WWF sets of 4 stamps & 4 covers &

information pgs relating to each set of covers & stamps 60

for different countries, these sets are housed in 2 WWF

folders with slip covers, 22 diff sets (88 MUH stamps, 88


1817 c Commercial mail Switzerland to Australia via Occupied

France, back stamp with censor cancel from the 60

Wehrmacht (Nazi) with eagle and swastika, 2 red and 2

black with Geoffnet (German for opened) (2) - see photo

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