Lot# Description Est $
1748 o 2 stkbks with wide range of good quality thematics,

largest range in one book is Hungary & other is mainly 60

Romania & Mid East inc either quality FU or CTO issues

1749 xx/c/p 3 items of interest to the Royalty collector, noted are 10

photos of the 1981 Royal Wedding (incls inside cathedral

on the carriage, group photo, the kiss on the balcony + 60

more), also incls 1978 25th Anniv of Coronation m/s, 13

m/s Imperf + Perf, plus 1972 Silver Wedding FDCs in

folder (36) (10 photos, 13 m/s, 36 FDCs)
1750 x/o Colln of 'Flowers' thematics in green SG springback alb

on black alb pgs, wide range of countries, some issues 80

have been removed (550+, 9 m/s or sheetlets)
1751 xx/x/o Marine Life British Pacific & Aust Territories incl Cook Is

1974 to $10 MUH, 1980 to $10 MUH, 1c-30c strips M 140

(MUH), Tonga 1986 to T$5 plus official ovpts MUH/M/U,

some dupn, generally fine, CV £580 (550+)
1752 xx Seln of recent Scouting thematics from various countries

inc Dominica, USA, Hungary, Indonesia, Bangladesh, 50

China, Cyprus, Belgium, Samoa, Guyana & more (min

dupln) (37 stamps, 11 m/s)
1753 xx/o/l 'The History of the Olympics' mint stamp colln (Stanley

Gibbons) inc 50 stamps (1930s-80s range), also inc 11

pkts of Atlanta '96 Olympic issues (29 or 30 diff issues in 40

each pack), suit reseller plus 1972 Munich Olympic

stamps (2) & Aust Sydney-Athens FDC (350+)
1754 xx/c The Official Coll of World Wildlife FDCs, Birds of the

World stamp coll issued by the Council for Bird 100

Preservation and the Great Art Stamps of the World, all in

original albs, binders as issued, very high original cost

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