Lot# Description Est $
Sydney Mint Half Sovereigns

1045 1862 type 2, normal 6 (KM.3), light rubbing both sides,

scrape down hair & cheek, nice collectable coin and rare 5000

in this grade, good extremely fine - see photo
Queen Victoria Jubilee Head Half Sovereigns
1046 1887S Jubilee Head shield reverse, some damage to 300

reverse side of coin but rare date particularly in high

grade, aUNC
Queen Victoria Veiled Head Half Sovereigns
1047 1897S gFine 280
King Edward VII Half Sovereigns
1048 1908M, EF 300
1049 1908S gVF 260
1050 1910S, UNC 320
King George V Half Sovereigns
1051 1912S, aEF 300

1052 1915S UNC - see photo 280
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