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631 AD 14-37 Tiberius silver Denarius obv laureate head of

Tiberius facing right T I CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVSTVS

Rev; female seated holding olive branch PONTIF MAXIM 400

around, this type commonly referred to as the tribute

Penny of the Bible (3.47 grams) Sear 1763 VF - see

632 Box with low grade ancient bronze Roman coins, not 100

identified (100+)
633 Crispus, Constantine the Great (3), Numerian, Maximus II, 120

Licinius 1 and Maximianus, bronzes VF to ER or better (8)
634 Gallienius (260-268AD) Antoninianii (2), reverse stag and

felicitas, VF, plus various ancients, Greek, Arabic, 70

English & Roman (10), poor to fine (12)
635 Gordian III sestertius, reverse Aeternitas, with Byzantine 60

folles x 2, fine to good fine (3)
636 Gordian III Sestertius, Valens AE3, Severus Alexander

Denarius, Gratian centalionalis, Valentinian II centalionalis, 120

Byzantine reduced follis, Gordian III Antoninianvs,

Maximian follis, fair-VF (8)
637 Probus (276AD) Antoninianus, VF with miscellaneous 80

Roman bronzes (23), VG to F (24)
638 Silver and Bronze Antoninianii of Postumus, Claudius II, 100

Tetricvs II and Constantius I, F-VF (4)
Byzantine Coinage
639 Late Byzantine era folles, nummi and small denominations 80

c700-800AD, poor to fine (14)
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