Lot# Description Est $
604 Apulian style chous or olpe possibly 1st century BC,

small black ware, interesting piece found in the Holey

Land but Apulian in style, intact with remnant black 25

colour, 6.5cm tall, some encrustation from excavation,

obviously once an elegant piece - see photo
605 Black glaze cup Southern Italy 4th century BC, comes 160

with certificate of authenticity
606 Campanian olpe 4th century BC, chip in top with some 160

black glazing still evident

607 Campanian olpe terracotta 6th to 5th century BC, small 190

chip on handle, 13cm tall - see photo

608 Campanian or Corinthian small terracotta saucepan circa

6th century BC, interesting household kitchen implement 60

showing remnant black & red brown decoration and

slight chip to rim, round base, comes with stand - see

609 Companian terracotta cup, orange glazed with some 120

black glazing, no chips or major defects, quality piece
610 Corinthian pottery trefoil oinochoe circa 6th century BC, 120

height 11.3cm, section of rim has been repaired
611 Etruscan shallow dish 6th century BC, typical Etruscan 160

style, few small chips to rim and unglazed, nice example

612 Pottery fragments, both mounted on display stands,

possibly ex museum pieces, both appear to be handles 30

from the Apulia region of Southern Italy, good glaze (2) -

see photo
613 Roman early to mid empire hoard of bronze rings found in

the Roman province Moesia, part of modern day Serbia 80

plus small ring with glass head from Roman Syria,

interesting lot (9 items)

614 Roman jewellery, fibula with missing pin, 2 bracelets (1

women's, 1 Childs) plus interesting bronze ring with 120

engraving, appears to be 1st or 2nd century AD,

features what appears to be a cross on shield (4 items) -

see photo

615 Roman terracotta unguentum 1st or 2nd century AD,

16cm tall from shipwreck in the Mediterranean near the

Holy Land, used to hold oils or perfumes, tear shaped, 30

minor chip in rim & small gash in side, obvious signs of

salt water immersion - see photo

616 Romanesque oil lamps, lot of 3 sourced from the Holy

Land, significant decoration & 3 very different styles,

these types of lamps were in common use through 30

biblical times and are often mentioned by Christ in his

parables & by the apostles (3) - see photo

617 Rome redware bowl complete with maker's mark, some 30

chipping & hairline crack in base - see photo
618 Small attic ware dish 5th century AD from Southern Italy,

possibly Magna Graecia region, some wear to glaze at 160

edge & rim o/w excellent
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