Lot# Description Est $

230 1933 West Point New York addressed to Port Stanley 60

Falkland Is, scarce - see photo
231 Antarctic Exhibition postcards Lieut Shackleton + 100

Professor David, scarce (2) - see photo
232 Asia including Hiroshima before & after the atom bomb, 100

Tahiti, Thailand, Geishas etc, 1940s to 1990s (58)
233 Bamfords WWI patriotic / sentimental songs of the time in 60

sets of 3 and set of 4 cards x mint condition (7)
234 Bamfords WWI patriotic/ sentimental songs of the time in 120

sets of 3 or 4 cards x 13, mint condition (13)
235 Coll of "Beauties + Actresses" most appear Edwardian

and over 100 Years old, incls some cards from France 80

and others posted from Bayern, nice lot (27)
236 Coll of cards from China, Monuments, Floral Gardens, 50

Temples, etc (27)
237 Coll of cards from Greece, incls Parthenon ruins and 40

other pictorial scenes of Athens, etc (14)
238 Coll of cards from Heliopolis, many issues by the Cairo 40

Postcard Trust Cairo (29)
239 Coll of cards from Ireland, nice lot of cards, some early 40

cards posted in USA in 1907 and received in Orange

Mass (9)
240 Coll of postcards from Japan, nice coll, incls Shrines, 200

Temples, Blossoms, Military, etc (70)
241 Coll of Windmills and cards from Holland, nice lot (21) 50
242 Collection of Aust radio call cards, all appear different,

from Victoria, SA, Qld & NSW, mostly from the 1930s, 180

good historical interest (100+)
243 Erotic postcards reference book by Barbara Jones and

William Ovellette published in 1977, 127 pgs with approx 40

260 colour and black & white illustrations, fascinating

reference work, a little foxing on couple of pgs

otherwise very good cond
244 Official Bamforths postcard collection, collectors editions

'Seaside Sauce' inclds issue 1 March/April 1999, 7 diff 50

publications, great illustration, collectors items (7)
245 Russia 3 postcards dated 1927 rare, Finland, 8

postcards 1930s-50s, Germany 1948 & 1903, another

photographic showing Nazi Hall in Essen 1938, Hungary, 50

2 1930s postcards, Egypt 4 cards, Palestine militarily

used card of Haifa, Spain card of 1930s bullfighter, all

showing use (22)
246 Shoebox of Aust & assorted world postcards, mainly 50

modern issues (100s)
247 Shoebox of over 200 Aust cards, appear to be all

different, large percentage from Canberra ACT, most are 180

more modern issues from 1970s-80s, some are stamped

and a few ad cards, some pre WWII but these are mixed

cond (200+)
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