Lot# Description Est $
1 2 very large bound vols of the Sydney Morning Herald 200

from 1921 and 1958, ex Library of SA (2)
2 Diana, 'Coll of the Untold Story of Diana' as published by

the Sunday Telegraph, complete coll of 12 & other issues 40

from the 1990s (qty)
3 Ford V8 memorabilia, Mercer Ford repair receipt 1939,

McDonalds garage, oil company receipts, theatre advert 60

receipt & 45 pictorial postcards 1909-50 featuring

flowers (qty)
4 Group of books inclds the Universal Encyclopedia of

Cooking (c1969), Australian Coll of 20 Medals & nice 40

book of Australia's Greatest Racehorses with portraits

by Helen Krieg & a few other items (qty)
5 Large carton with 100s of postcards stuck to photo

album pages, appears to be family travel history from the

1960s, cards from Europe, England, Nth America, USA, 50

Asia + other travel memorabilia, noted program from

Royal Ascot 1964 + Airline Flights, Hotels, etc (qty)
6 Large carton with 2 large old Postcard albums, 1959 Pix

magazine with Marilyn Monroe demonstrating The Stages

of the Kiss, Show Souvenir of stage show Mame, 40

signed and qty of large wine box pamphlets, plus 2

leather style document holders other odds and ends (qty)
7 Shoebox with accum of mixed items incld packet of all

diff wine labels from SA (approx 50), stamp related 50

p/cards, Olympic memorabilia from 1976 & 2000, silver

proof 1975 Apollo PNC, Vet Affairs WWII boxed medal,

Anzac $5 coin & more (qty)

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