Lot# Description Est $
2633 xx/x/o Stkbk with mostly Brit Comm issues, nice range from

QVic to KGV era, best range from Good Hope, also incl

Transvaal, HK, Caicos, Brit Central Africa, Niger Coast, 60

Nigeria, Turks, Gibraltar, Sth Africa, Nyasaland, Nova

Scotia, Straits Settlements, Anguilla, Grenada, St Helena

with other countries plus Spain (260+)
2634 x/o World coll in 3 lge albs, inclds Hungary, India, Japan, 60

Jersey, Singapore, Spain, Germany, Canada & others

2635 o World coll in European quality alb & lge binder containing

duplicated accum of GB machin heads & other GB plus a 40

few other countries (100s)
2636 o World issues in Interscrew alb on graph pgs (mostly pre

1970s), highlight is the inclusion of 1958 Christmas Is 40

defins set of 10 (VFU) plus another set of 10 on 2 nice

cond FDCs, (CV $25 each set) (350+)
2637 xx/o World issues in stkbk, main highlight is a colln 1918-2000

from Estonia, early issues are interesting, also inc a nice 200

range of Latvia & Lithuania from 1918 plus a range from

Spain & Austria (600+)
2638 xx World Miniature sheets, high CV, incls mostly British

C'Wealth + a few Pacific Is and Netherlands, nice lot, 100

good for resale, excellent value at est (100+)
2639 x/o World stamps A to U countries in 3 large stkbks, one

contains Flowers thematic collection, others contain 50

general world stmaps (100s)
2640 xx Worldwide Fund for Nature animal stamp packs in 80

sleeves inclds stamps, FDCs & species information for

each (66 pgs)
2641 o Accum of World Thematic issues on 26 dbl sided Vario 60

sheets, features Animals & Fish themes (approx 2000)
2642 xx/o Aircraft on stamps, world wide collection on 8 pgs 80

2643 x 1939 - 1951 sets all complete, 6 sets (62) 50
2644 xx/x 1903 2½d Pictorial (NZ 2½d Lake Wakatipu stamps with 60

Aitutaki o/print) in strip of 3 (2x MUH, 1x MH), CV £54 (3)
2645 xx 1967-70 colln on pages, complete sets, nice range (95) 50
2646 x 1938 mint set SG51 (12) 40
Ascension Is
2647 xx/x/o 1934 KGV (10) (FU) & 1938 KGVI 15 incl perfs (M) (25) 80
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