Lot# Description Est $
2560 o 1964 Aust 5d Christmas with red colour missing, ie red

on scarf, clothing of one of the 3 kings and the word 80

Australia not printed, scarce variety but even more rare

in used, original for comparison (2)
2561 xx 1970 20c Expo blk of 4 with extended letter R on the 40

bottom RH stamp (4)
2562 xx 1970 Royal Visit unopened presentation pack 'Japanese

Insert' with standard pack for comparison, CV for 30

Japanese Insert pack is $50 (2 packs)
2563 c 1972 "Munich Olympic Games" Aust official cover

(correct FDC 28/8/72) however Canb City PO have made 50

an error & pmk FDC as 22/8/72, normal for comparison

2564 xx 1981 24c Tas Tiger blk of 10 with perfs totally misaligned,

perfs have cut through the wording of "Australia 24c" 300

on the LHS1 (10)

2565 xx 1982 60c Whales, trial printing (darker blue background),

CV $800, ordinary stamp included for comparison, very 500

rare (2) - see photo
2566 c 1982 Aust Air Pageant "silk" covers with dupln, incls

Orange Parachute (8) + Red Planes (11), these silk 50

covers bear the print on the cover of 27 Sept 1982,

however the cancel reads 28 Sept 1981 (either a printing

or cancel error) (19)
2567 o 2/- Brown Roo with Ink Flaw on Sydney/Brisbane Coast 60
2568 x 5/- Grey + Yellow Roo (small multi wmk) with "Roos head 150

on WA borderline + break on East Coastline"
2569 o GB 1952-54 seln of 6 2½d Red QEII issues where

specialist has noted 6 flaws and varieties on cards, dot 50

on 'o' of postage, deformed 'p', break lines, etc (6)
2570 c Scarce misprint on 1982 Australia Day cover, the Aust

Post Wagga cancel was marked 'FISRT' instead of First 50

Day of Issue, this error was withdrawn on the day of

issue & very few of the misprint cancels were produced
2571 xx Seln of 1976 Nat stamp week m/s (Philas House Appeal 50

overprint) with different varieties illustrated (10 m/s)
2572 o Seln of varieties & misprints on graph pages inclds KGV

plate varieties, retouches, inverted w/m, secret mark, RA 80

joined, Ferns flaw under neck & more, also inc seln of

1950s-70s issues with varieties hightlighted (45)
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