Lot# Description Est $
2176 o 2 stkbks with wide range of good quality thematics,

largest range in one book is Hungary & other is mainly 60

Romania & Mid East inc either quality FU or CTO issues

2177 xx/c/p 3 items of interest to the Royalty collector, noted are 10

photos of the 1981 Royal Wedding (incls inside cathedral

on the carriage, group photo, the kiss on the balcony + 60

more), also incls 1978 25th Anniv of Coronation m/s, 13

m/s Imperf + Perf, plus 1972 Silver Wedding FDCs in

folder (36) (10 photos, 13 m/s, 36 FDCs)
2178 o Accum of World Thematics on 26 dbl sided Vario

sleeves, best range Transport Thematics (Trains, Cars, 50

etc), but also incls Animals, Flowers, Fish, Buildings +

Flags (approx 1600)
2179 x/o Colln of 'Flowers' thematics in green SG springback alb

on black alb pgs, wide range of countries, some issues 80

have been removed (550+, 9 m/s or sheetlets)
2180 xx/x/o Marine Life British Pacific & Aust Territories incl Cook Is

1974 to $10 MUH, 1980 to $10 MUH, 1c-30c strips M 150

(MUH), Tonga 1986 to T$5 plus official ovpts MUH/M/U,

some dupn, generally fine, CV £580 (550+)
2181 xx Seln of recent Scouting thematics from various countries

inc Dominica, USA, Hungary, Indonesia, Bangladesh, 50

China, Cyprus, Belgium, Samoa, Guyana & more (min

dupln) (37 stamps, 11 m/s)
2182 xx/o/l 'The History of the Olympics' mint stamp colln (Stanley

Gibbons) inc 50 stamps (1930s-80s range), also inc 11

pkts of Atlanta '96 Olympic issues (29 or 30 diff issues in 40

each pack), suit reseller plus 1972 Munich Olympic

stamps (2) & Aust Sydney-Athens FDC (350+)
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