Lot# Description Est $
131 1930s Addiator Duplex early hand calculating machine in 40

original leather pocket case, rare
132 2 large wooden horse head book ends (2) 40
133 2 old turned wooden/brass lamps from the Cobb & Co Inn

at Binya Riverina District NSW with original fluted glass 120

shades and candle grips (2)
134 AF 735 super 8 auto zoom original case with Qantas 20

travel ticket

135 Antique coffee mill, superb condition - see photo 120

136 Antique copper bed warmer, fullsize, wooden handle - 150

see photo
137 Antique Italian lace bedspread in original case, never 40

used, new
138 Antique style telephone/radio "Brand" collection & 100

'Confident" phone/radio
139 Art Deco Bakelite cigarette box, c1940s, superb 40
140 Bing Pigmy-phone Childs record player, tinplate comes

with 6 records one of which is damaged. 'These record

players were popular in the 1920s.' The player is in 100

working condition and features a wind up mechanism

complete with horn, needle winder etc. The outer tin box

has some minor dents and some missing paint

commensurate with its age
141 Box of cobbler's ware inclds cast iron shoe mold and 40

matching set of leather & nickel-silver children's inner

soles (3)
142 Box of large & small 'tinnies', inclds football, sporting, 40

charity and others (100+)
143 Box with a coll of Corinthian English Premier League

Football Figurines featuring players from the late 1980s 80

such as Shearer, Baggio, ZiDane, etc, interesting (58)
144 Box with Aust Numismatic Society Medals,

Commemorative Medallions, various Aust and World 100

Proof and Mint coins, plus 8 sheets of uncut matchbox

labels (qty)
145 Box with interesting coll of mostly metal pencil 120

sharpeners (37)
146 Box with marbles, pens, Anzac pins, etc (qty) 40
147 Box with thimble collection (16) in hanging frame 40
148 Brass Armillary Sphere with brass arrow passing

through the Earth and 3 concentric rings surrounding the 50

Earth, 30cm x 20cm x 30cm high
149 Bronze Blotter and Tray probably made from WWI shell 60

casings, together with assortment of EPNS spoons and

forks (qty)
150 Carton with 2 old cameras, candlestick holders & other 100

items including antique metal pot scourer (qty)
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