Lot# Description Est $
1929 a 16 springback binders, good used condition (16) 50
1930 c 1970s - 2006 accum in storage tub better items inclds

2006 Australian Wildflowers set 4 on cvr stamps & mini

sheet, Landmark Bridges, Treasures from the Archives, 100

Cats & Dogs, Lighthouses etc, good range of years with

some duplication in early years (500+)
1931 a 3 albums incld GB, Asia & North America with qty of 60

hagner sheets (qty)
1932 a 3 stkbks, incls SG 16 page, Lighthouse 32 page + 2nd 50

hand King 48 page in good cond (3 stkbks)
1933 x/o 4 albums of Europe, A-f, F-I, I-R & R-Y (1000s) 60
1934 o Accum in large carton inclds 2 large bags of world

kiloware, 1 bag assorted PSEs (world) & 4 albs of Aust 50

& world stamps (1000s)
1935 xx/x/o Accum World in box massive accum of more modern

World incl CTO & mint in pkts & storage tub, plus 4 small 60

stkbks fairly sparse, also incls old Globe loose leaf album

of mainly older used (100s)
1936 o/c Accumulation of NZ issues in 4 stkbks & hanger sheets

in 2 ANZ document files, approx 100 FDCs mainly 1960s 75

to early 2000s (100s)
1937 o Aust accum in large box mainly decimals 1960s to 1980

missing key issues, one album with mainly used varieties,

incls a few pre dec, main value appears to be in 2 large 60

Lighthouse stkbks, val in albums alone (the stamps are a

bonus) (13 albums/folders) (1000+)
1938 xx/x/o/c Aust/World in large carton, 7 albums plus FDCs plus

stamp packs, etc, on/off paper, deceased estate, nice 120

lot, could be anything here (100s)
1939 xx/x/o/c Box cont 1966 AAT defins set of 11 (M), alb of GB

sparsely filled, QVic to 1920s pre-dec (140+), A-Z

remainder accum in Globe alb (sparse) (180+), 15 sleeve

covered alb pgs cont world issues (mix of M/U) mainly 60

Europe, NZ & others (200+), 1981 PNG annual stamp

pack, 4 bags of world off ppr, one with Ireland, NZ, Aust

& world mix (qty in each), Aust FDCs, PSEs (80+), 3 Aust

Post books (no stamps) (100s)
1940 xx/o/c/l Box cont 1981 Royal Wedding album with 66 MUH Brit

Comm issues, stkbk with Brit Comm + A-Z (U) (450+)

with good Thematics noted, 11 Hagners featuring

individually priced GB accum, good seln in 2000s range 60

(qty) (high resale), also incl Our World + Legends of

Music books (no stamps), Sol Is America's Cup book +

stamps, Disney issues (17), box Aust off paper, vals to

$10 (several noted) + Aust FDCs (100+) (100s)
1941 a Box cont 3 alb/binders, incls 2 black binders with 32 2-

div Hagners in each, plus a Burgundy FDC alb with 24 2- 60

div Hagners (Hagners are in as new cond) (3 albs, 88

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