Lot# Description Est $
1773 1972 $10 Phillips/Wheeler with yellow ink stains, plus

1985 $5 Johnston/Fraser with purple ink fade out, VF 100

and Fine (2)
Ten Dollar Notes
1774 1972 R304 Phillips/Wheeler Consec Pair with colour bleed

from reverse design, the second with nick out of bottom 50

edge at security strip aUNC (2)
1775 1988 R310a Polymer $10 Bicentennial error AB16 70

6659(8)9, the '8' almost invisible, one heavy fold aUNC
Fifty Dollar Notes
1776 1991 $50 Fraser/Cole WGU 334047 with major colour

offset of 6mm both sides leaving white 'shadow' to right 500

of Florey's portrait and to left of Clunies Ross portrait,

yellow strip from preceding note, rare, aUNC - see photo

1777 Partial missing serial number (last 2 no's) and light ink

transfer especially in Edith Cowan's hair & forehead and 100

above speaker, CE959499 (77), aUNC - see photo
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