Lot# Description Est $
76 Aboriginal bird killing boomerang, red ochre stained, 60cm 200
77 Aboriginal didgeridoo and bird spear, forward and back 100

facing barbs (2)
78 Aboriginal hardwood boomerang, crudely carved pattern 100

of emus, 73cm
79 Aboriginal large hardwood didgeridoo & 3 carved 100

snake/lizards and a pair of nulla nullas (6)


80 Aboriginal tribal axe found by 5 year old boy in 1950s on

property in Western NSW, polished black handstone

blade bound to handle with kangaroo gut, 36cm long x 1000

10cm wide - see photo
81 Aboriginal Woomera and spear, multi barbed blade on 300

spear, bone point on Woomera tied with animal gut,

110cm long (2)
82 Hardwood boomerang and matching ochre dish, linear 200

pattern on boomerang, 75cm (2)
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