Lot# Description Est $

1151 1813 fifteen pence or dump, very well struck, excellent

detail, sharp crown and clear fifteen pence, superb coin 25000

and great investment - see photo front cover

1152 1852 Adelaide Pound type 2 redesigned reverse tiny

adjustment mark on rim above W of DWT .Very

atrractive coin and true investment item, see photo front 20000

cover of catalogue (EF or sligtly better)

1153 1930 Penny - The key coin for the Australian Penny

series lovely eye appeal - problem free coin gFine/aVF - 20000

see photo

1154 1930 'The King of the Australian Penny Coin series', this

coin has 6 clear pearls, nice example of this rare coin, ex 18000

Edlins Auction 171 of 17/10/2009 - see photo front

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