Lot# Description Est $

637 1st - 4th century AD iron fire starter 105mm long, very

large example, comes with original chain plus some tinder 100

& a flint stone, 48mm high 4mm thick & weighs approx 72

grams, found in Bulgaria Eastern Europe - see photo
638 3rd century BC Bactrian Calcite vessel, square form with

shallow circular recess, some accretions from 120

Turkmenistan / Afghanistan, diameter 5cm, height 3cm,

comes with certificate of authenticity

639 4th - 3rd century BC small Apulian amphora 5.5cm tall,

intact black wear with 100% glaze & typical decorations, 150

slight wear, classic design, possibly used for perfume or

oils, has remnant excavation dirt, superior piece - see

640 4th century BC Greek pottery olpe, handle absent, height 45

5.3cm with certificate of authenticity
641 5th century BC kylix from Magna Graecia intact plus most

of glaze intact, red/brown decorative rings at bottom,

owner states he believes himself to be the first person in 175

about 2400 years to drink wine from this kylix, small

hairline crack in base - see photo

642 6th - 5th century BC, large piece of marble column from

temple of Apollo in Sicily, 140mm high x 260mm wide, 150

impressive piece - see photo

643 Apulian scyphos intact, small black ware, 4.5cm tall with

almost 100% glaze decoration of chevrons, olive leaves 120

& lines, included are remnant excavation dirt, superior

piece - see photo
644 Apulian style chous or olpe possibly 1st century BC,

small black ware, interesting piece found in the Holey

Land but Apulian in style, intact with remnant black 30

colour, 6.5cm tall, some encrustation from excavation,

obviously once an elegant piece - see photo

645 Athenian kylix classical period 4th - 5th century BC jug or

olpe with mixed black & red colouring (typical of the 200

type), some slight wear & small chip on rim and handle,

glaze overall, very good condition - see photo

646 Athenian terracotta amphora 4th - 1st century BC,

recovered from a shipwreck near Athens, no glaze plus

some saltwater interaction obvious (porous), has 75

interesting pouring lip & comes with a display stand,

18cm high, nice piece - see photo

647 Bactrian jug massive, 8th - 7th century BC, extensive

indented decoration & probably black glaze?, possibly a 100

trade piece, 85mm tall & reminiscent of many pieces that

come out of the Middle East to this day - see photo
648 Black glaze cup Southern Italy 4th century BC, comes 200

with certificate of authenticity
649 Book 'Pots and Pans of Classical Athens' by the 30

American School of Classical Studies at Athens
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