Lot# Description Est $
268 1860s American Civil War era, sabre replica 150
269 1986 75th Anniversary of the RAN pewter beer mug,

plate depicting Japanese warship Makigumo presented 40

by the ship's captain in 1985, plus 2 RAN French art style

hat pins made from buttons (Kings crown)
270 American Civil War CSA staff officer's replica sword 150

271 Naval Officer's sword Pattern 1846 (1960s?), blade

length 31", shark skin hilt with gold plated fittings,

rawhide scabbard, sword maker 'I. Starkey England',

Queens crown, named to AM Stackpool RAN, this sword

has seen a long & distinguished career, comes complete 1000

with gilt sword knot, sword is in immaculate condition &

is rare as such. Victorian bidders, please check your

local legistration regarding permits for edge weapons -

see photo
272 RAN 75th Anniversary 1911-86 limited edition plate 50

number 403, pewter with gilt navy crest
273 USA staff officer's replica sword 150
Australian Militaria
274 1916 'Australasia Triumphant' military reference book by

A St John Adcock, 1st edition, hard cover, inclds account 180

of HMAS Sydney & the Dardanelles, c/w all orig photo

275 1940s Aust Services envs (a few still containing letters)

inc Dept of Army & RAAF concession rate cachets

'opened by censor', Aust Military Forces & Imperial 100

Forces passed by censor cachets & other general

military envs of the period, also inc 5 military envs from

WW1 period (78)
276 1940s Aust Services envs inc Dept of Army & RAAF

concession rate cachets, 'opened by censor', Aust Mil 70

Forces & Imperial Forces passed by censor cachets &

other general Military envs of the period (61)
277 1st edition of 'Australians Awarded' and 'The Medal 30

Yearbook 2012' (2)
278 ADF medal boxes, no contents, ADM, ANS and DFSM (3) 20
279 Aust military prints, set of 6 different full-size prints plus

75 different postcards, copies of original water colours 150

by Major Phillip Rutherford
280 Aust Petrol Ration Vouchers, NSW 2 Gallons (2), series

'B' One Gallon 1949 (3), Qld One Gallon 1949 (5), and 80

Commonwealth of Australia 5 Gallons 1946 VF (11)
281 Boer War coin and medallion set, 1902-2002 Perth Mint

kookaburra 2oz .999 with coloured silver Boer medallion 80

and tailor's copy QSA miniature in case of issue (3)

282 Engraved Aust Army pewter tankard with clear base, 80

very interesting item with intricate detailing - see photo
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