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253 GB 1727 George II official Coronation medal by John

Croker, silver 34mm, obv: Laureate, cuirassed bust of

George II facing left, rev: the King seated on King 280

Edward's chair holds the sceptre & orb and is crowned

by Britannia holding a cornucopia and leaning on the

fasces (crowned on 11 October 1727) - see photo
254 Millennium Island, set of 3 silver medals for eyewitnesses

to the dawn of the 2000 Millennium, with Singapore Sir

TS Raffles, founder medal, Canada 1872-1972 Park 100

Centennial medal in bronze, other Canadian and Hawaiian

and Australian medals and tourist Dollars in album (21),

mostly UNC (24)
Australian Military Medals
255 Replica UN (Untag) Transition Assistance Group 1989-90 25

256 UN (Unscom) Special Commission replica 30
257 UN (Untac) Transitional Authority in Cambodia, replica 25
258 UN replica (UNMIT) United Nations integrated mission, UN 25

Timor Leste
259 WWI Trio, 1914-15 Star, war medal & Victory medal, set

3 replica miniatures plus Rising Sun collar badge, Anzac 40

$5 coin & Queen Mother 80th Birthday commemorative

World Military Medals
260 Battle of Portobello 1739; Admiral Vernon half bust with

sword 'Captured Portobello with Only Six Ships', harbour 100

scene with 6 Man'o'wars sailing in, Fine, bronze pierced;

with Germany, WWI Iron medal, Imperial Eagle/bust of

Goethe, EF (2)
261 France WWII Resistance medal (2), Belgium Voluntary

Service Medal, 1939-45 Military Service medal (2), POW 120

Camp medal (2), USA Marine Corps medals (2), plus

Belgium Reconnaissance Corps medal (boxed), VF - EF

262 Germany WW1 medals & awards group incl Iron Cross

with maker's mark on suspension loop (KO = Konigliches 360

Munzamt Order, Berlin) c/w ribbon, 1914-18 Honour

Cross c/w ribbon & black wound badge, stamped hollow

type (3)
263 Latvia, WWI medal 1918-23, Czech WWII 1939-45 medal,

Denmark Christian XII military medal 1940, Korean UN 50

medal, Zaire Merit Star, all with ribbons, plus 3 copy

medals (8)
264 Rhodesia General Service medal impressed to Rifleman S

J Barrie, with Zimbabwe Independence medal, with Nazi 70

Germany West Wall medal, all with ribbons (3), plus

engraved dog tag, Australian Navy L T Prest (4)
265 Swing Mounted Original pair, 1953 Jubilee Medal and the 70

1937 Coronation Medal (2)
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