Lot# Description Est $
220 Cigar box cont Cardex 97 Brussels folder with mint

Comm phone card, $10 Telstra Phone away folder with

mint card, Paytel $5 Phonecard in folder mint, Italy

Juvecentus Football mint phonecards in folder, Hongkong

$25 Hello Phonecards in pkts (2), Used Aust magnetic 40

and chip cards (3), plus 7 postcards 'Clifton Suspension

Bridge', 'USS Wisconsin', 'Adolph Hitler Place', Malta

during WWII (2), Cigarette cards Dogs and Chickens (13),

World flags (silks) (8), 'No Buts' stop smoking lapel

badges (10) (48 items)
221 Phone card album with Japanese cards incl many Disney

& pop culture/movie cards (195), also inclds VST phone 70

card collectors guidebook
222 Phone card album with Japanese cards, mostly used 60

(144), also inclds VST phone cards collectors guide
223 Telecom Phonecard packs inclds first issue Geelong

Lifesaving, Tasmania, N.T, Grand Prix x 2, $5 Generic x 60

2, plus set of Konica Fun seekers (8 packs)
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