Lot# Description Est $
1 1930s motor repair receipts from Warracknabeal (4),

theatre advertising receipt, oil receipts (4), electric

receipt, Melbourne D & W Murray receipts with attractive 50

vignette of 1930s cars and trucks in front of department

store (3), condition consistent with age (14)
2 Carton with a real mish-mash of material, could be

anything in this lot with a bit of everything, noted

International currency coll in alb & 2 old albs of old 50

postage stamps, bicentennial medal, reproduction Arab

knife in sheath & much more (qty)
3 Diana, 'Coll of the Untold Story of Diana' as published by

the Sunday Telegraph, complete coll of 12 & other issues 40

from the 1990s (qty)
4 Large shoebox with range of collectables inclds

'Songster' song/dance books probably c1940s (3), share

certificate from Finland, lots of Titanic memorabilia 40

reproductions from Titanic Experience Museum in Ireland,

telephone cards, replica of silver ancient coin, etc (qty)
5 Shoebox with vast range of collectable material inclds C

of A PMG payment of TV licence with 4 mint 1966 50c

Nav stamps attached, Broadcast TV licence, clothing 50

ration cards from 1945 to 1948 (5), food ration labels

from 1947 (2) and more (qty)
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