Lot# Description Est $
2208 c 1937 Auckland NZ to London airmail FDC via Honolulu &

San Francisco, 1934 VU-UXX Faith in Australia 1st

official airmail Australia-New Zealand, 1934 NZ to

Australia airmail with 7d blue trans Tasman airmail 50

surcharge stamp tied to cover with Auckland CDS (plain

cover), 19 JA 34 NZ to Sydney first official airmail also

with 7d blue tied to souvenir envelope plus 1936 Anzac

commemoration FDC (5 items)
2209 c 1950s-80s seln of world Flight covers inc Inaugural

Flights, Anniv Flights etc, noted 1953 PNG Qantas 40

Coronation cover, 1958 Aust Qantas, seln of other

Qantas covers, Air NZ, BOAC etc (21)
2210 c 1968 seln of Flight covers inc Tokyo/Singapore (6), 50

Singapore/Tokyo (3) & Kuala Lumpur/Tokyo (3), all in

good cond (12)
2211 ps 1970s seln of 1st Flight & Souvenir Flight covers

featuring mainly Pacific Region, UN issues and Air Race 40

& Concorde issues (24)
2212 c 1970s-80s seln of 30 world Flight covers inc British

Airways ltd edition issues, signed covers etc, mostly GB 60

or GB/world 1st Flight covers, good cond (30)
2213 c 1973 USA "Project Skylab' Rocket covers inc 6 'Colorano' 30

silk covers & 7 philgraph cachets (13 different)
2214 c 1977 USA First Free Flight Space Shuttle Enterprise, 50

signed cover by Space Shuttle Pilots 'Fullerton' & 'Haise'
2215 c 1978 'History of Aviation' world covers, useful for 50

aeroplane thematics or to keep as a collection (69)
2216 c 1982 USA Space Shuttle 'colorano' silk covers (11 30

2217 c 1983 USA Space Shuttle 'colorano' silk covers (18 50

2218 c 1985 USA Space Shuttle 'colorano' silk covers (10 30

2219 L Certificate awarded in 1965 by the America Airmail

Society for participation in the Aero philatelic Exhibition in 30

Chicago USA, a nice piece of Philatelic memorabilia
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