Lot# Description Est $
1253 xx/o 1951-2011 United Nations coll/accum in albums & new

issue envelopes, early period to 1956 sparse (15

stamps), 1957-2011 period complete in albums plus later 300

period still housed in new issue packets, great lot for the

budding UN collector, condition mainly fine, used stamps

mostly CTO (100s)
1254 c 1970s - 2006 accum in storage tub better items inclds

2006 Australian Wildflowers set 4 on cvr stamps & mini

sheet, Landmark Bridges, Treasures from the Archives, 100

Cats & Dogs, Lighthouses etc, good range of years with

some duplication in early years (500+)
1255 xx/o 1980s Olympic Games coll of MUH stamps in official red

alb & slipcase plus other world in 2 old albums, some 50

Philatelic Soc exchange sheets (100s)
1256 c Accum mainly 1970s- 80s P.S.Es & F.D.Cs mainly fine 40

cond with duplication, very cheap at est, suit reseller

1257 c Accum of mainly F.D.I & special cancel P.S.Es in storage

tub mostly 1980s- 1990s with duplication, condition 50

mainly fine, cheap at estimate (500+)
1258 o/c/xx/x Accumulation of Australia on hagner sheets in S'Seas alb

inclds some Kangaroos, KGV plus some blks of 4 and 80

high val commems 1/- Vic (2), very mixed cond but some

value plus small alb of Aust dec & some covers, large

book of PNG (100s)
1259 xx/x/o Australia accum in large box incl 3 quality black pge

stkbks with pre-dec to dec used then mint from 1980s

on, two large file boxes with accum of stamp packs, 100

FDCs & pkts of unopened new issues envelopes from

Aust Post, also 1984 Aust Post year album, many hours

of sorting required to realise full potential (1000s)
1260 c Australia, Norfolk Island, Cocos Keeling Islands modern

F.D.C's mainly mid 2000s plus some better early

Australian many are in individual sleeves & are priced (ex 120

Dealers stock) great variety with limited duplication,

excellent for collector or market seller etc (200+)
1261 o/c Box cont 2 albs, one with Aust/world inc a seln from

China (400+), the other with world from QV to about

1950s (500+), also inc Pres Box cont 1984 World 60

Olympics covers (100+), bags of Aust on & off ppr, Aust

FDCs/PSEs (120+), frama postcode sets & more (100s)
1262 xx/x/o/c Box cont 3 large stkbks with mostly used/CTO issues

totalling 1800+, accumulations inc early to 1960s Romania

(approx 500), NZ QV to 1970s (500+, 2 m/s) & world

thematics (mostly from Eastern Europe & Mid East) inc 60

Flowers, Birds, Animals, Sport, Space etc (800+), also

inc exercise book with mostly Aust pre dec (M/U) with

dupln (1500+) & world commercial covers (1950s) (40+)

(many 100s)
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