Lot# Description Est $
Sydney Mint Half Sovereigns

820 1857 second type hairstyle of Queen Victoria, this coin

found recently under the floorboards of an 1850s original

shop in the main street of Braidwood NSW where it has

been lying undisturbed for over 150 years, grade of the 8000

coin is gEF or better and very rare in this condition, one

of the finest known - see photo front cover
821 1859, scarce date, aFine 800
Queen Victoria Shield Half Sovereigns

822 1880S die variation 5/3, rare, gFine - see photo 800

823 1881S die variation 5/4, Fine - see photo 300
Queen Victoria Veiled Head Half Sovereigns
824 1899M Fine 280
King Edward VII Half Sovereigns
825 1908M, aUNC 280
826 1908S, UNC 320
827 1910S, UNC 320
King George V Half Sovereigns

828 1915M, UNC - see photo 360

829 1915S Gem UNC - see photo 400
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