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Greek Coinage - Egypt

489 180 -145BC Ptolemy VI Ae28 of Paphos head of 140

Cleopatra, Rev Eagle S 7903 F/VF - see photo
Greek Coinage - BC

490 196-146BC Thessalian League Double Victoriatus, obv 180

Zeus, rev Athena Itonia S 2232 gVF - see photo
Greek Coinage - AD

491 Persis, Kingdom of, uncertain ruler (Mitchiner Prince Y)

(c. AD 30), silver hemi-drachm (1.574g), obv. Draped

bust to left with short beard, wearing diadem & tiara 100

ornamented by a crescent, rev. double diadem traces of

Aramaic legend (S 5956, BMC 5 M.751) , rare EF - see

Roman Republican Coinage

492 L. Julius Bursio (c 85BC) silver denarius, Rome mint

(3.762 gms) obv. Genius (or Apollo Vejovis) bust 200

laureate to right, trident & bucranium symbol behind rev

victory in quadriga to right, EF - see photo
Roman Imperial Coinage - AD
493 117-138AD Hadrian, Sestertius, Obv: IMP CAESAR

TRAIANVS HADRIANVS AVG, laureate bust right, slight 270

drapery on far shoulder, Rev: PONT MAX TR POT COS III

SC, Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus &

cornucopiae, F-VF
494 138-192AD Diva Faustina Senior, wife of Antoninus Pius,

Silver denarius issue of 143AD, Rome mint, Obv: DIVA

[FA]V STINA draped bust to right, Rev: Aeternitas stg left 80

holding globe & sceptre, AETERNITAS around, 2.97g,

(S.4575, RIC 350a, RSC34), VF - see photo
495 278-279AD Probus, billon tetradrachm, Year 2 issue,

Obv: Laureate draped & cuirassed bust of Probus to

right, around Akm AVP T POBOC CEB, Rev: eagle stg left 220

to right holding olive branch LB across field S-12123,

BMC 2427, Milne 4545, koln 9.18g, F-
496 337-61AD Constantius II, AE4 Sirmium Mint, Rev: soldier 30

spearing fallen horseman, 2.43 grams (Sear 18298), VF
497 41-54AD Nero, Dupondius, Lugdunum Mint, obv: IMP

NERO CAESAR AVG P MAX TR PPP, laureate head of

Nero to right with globe at point of neck, Rev: 650

SECVRITAS AVGVSTI, securitas in relaxed post

enthroned to right head resting in hand & holding sceptre

lighted altar & torch at feet, SC in exergue, 12.67g, VF-
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